10 Benefits of Remaining a Virgin till Marriage by Nancy Hanna

31 01 2016
wedding romance

With so many sex movies and sexual images all around, girls are under pressure from their boyfriends to have sex. They can no longer wait till marriage. Are you pressed to have sex before you marry?  Here are 10 benefits of waiting till you marry to have sex.

1. Sex is a powerful force

It that can destroy you if it is not used properly. Like atomic power, sex is the most powerful creative force given to man. When atomic power is used correctly it can create boundless energy; when it is used in the wrong way it destroys life. Sex is the same kind of powerful force. Sex is a gift from God to give us the greatest pleasure, to help in creating a deep companionship with one’s spouse, and for the procreation of the next generation. But if you play with this powerful force outside the bounds of marriage, it destroys you and those close to you.

2. Sexual activity arrests psychological, social, and academic development.

Studies show that when young people engage in premarital sex, their academic performance declines and their social relationships with family and friends deteriorate. This is because adolescents are too immature to deal with the explosive sex drive and it tends to dominate their life.

3. Feeling of guilt

The majority of women cannot enjoy sex outside of the bonds of marriage. The development of a fulfilling sex life needs the security and peace of the marriage bond. Premarital sex usually takes place sneaking around in hidden places dealing with the fear of being caught, the fear of pregnancy and feelings of guilt. All these (worrisome) factors undermine pleasure in premarital sex, most especially for women.

4. Precious gift

Virginity is to be given to the most important person in your life, the person you committed yourself to stay with forever in marriage. Your virginity is the most precious thing you have to give to your spouse. Once you lose it, nothing in the world can bring it back. Don’t lose something so precious in a thoughtless way.

5. High risk of contracting a disease

Those who engage in premarital sex run a high risk of contracting one of the many venereal diseases rampant today, as well as losing their fertility. Not just AIDS, but other common disfiguring diseases like herpes have no cure.

6. Some venereal diseases have no symptoms and no cure.

So don’t bank on seeing tale-tale signs that might warn you. Many couples discover many years later that they became infertile because of these diseases. Infertility experts estimate that 80% of today’s infertility is due to venereal diseases contracted before they married.

7. Waiting gives 100% gaurantee

The best and only method that guarantees 100% against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases is to wait for marriage to have sex and maintain fidelity in your marriage.

8. Premarital sex breaks the 10 Commandments given by God.

The 10 Commandments are given to man by God to make man happy. They are not outdated and they are not restrictive. If we follow these laws, we can create happy and prosperous lives. If we don’t follow them, we will pay a heavy price in divorce, disease, abortions, illegitimate children and loneliness. Modern men make a big mistake when they think that they can break these eternal laws and not suffer consequences.

9. Premarital sex runs the risk of conceiving illegitimate children.

Numerous scientific studies show that the children of single mothers suffer psychologically and are less successful socially and academically than children from intact families. Above all, children need both their father and their mother. It is wrong to risk having children who will never have their father’s love, protection and care.

10. If you date and you don’t have sex, you can forget about that relationship when you stop dating.

But if you have sex with those you date and then break up, the nature of sexual involvement creates strong, often unpleasant memories for your whole life. Every relationship you break up where you had intimate relations is like a mini-divorce. The psychological difficulties of these mini-divorces damages your character. Later, when you are married and go to bed with your beloved spouse, these unpleasant memories will accompany you.

True love waits. If a boy or girl truly loves you, they will want the best for you. They will not want you to suffer fear of disease, unwanted pregnancy, and the psychological difficulties of premarital sex. They will want to experience love with you only in the very best place of all – the love nest of marriage.



75 responses

12 01 2023
Christiana .D. Timothy

I really love this part am so happy that i’ve learn many thing here cause am a virgin of 22yrs and trying to keep myself pure till my wedding night and its a promise to God and to myself

5 01 2023
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[…] are numerous reasons why someone might choose not to have pre-marital sex. In an article titled, 10 Benefits of Remaining a Virgin Until Marriage, Nancy Hanna claims that there are ten solid reasons not to engage in premarital sex, one of which […]

12 10 2022

Verginity is good, pls do not disvergin

2 07 2022
Ibrahim habibat

wow I’m enlightened thanks for this wonderful write up.

29 06 2022

In my view, virginity is a power.We must make our possible to keep this power

7 09 2021

Tat’s a myth.some girls hymen breaks or scrathes because of some activities.so an hymen is not a sign of virginity.

10 06 2021
Aliyu idris

God will bless those who keep their virginity till marriage,

19 01 2021
Wisdom Chilenga

Praise be to God this artical is powerful

19 01 2021

Gald you like it, Wisdom Chilenga

3 05 2020

Am impressed because it’s merits to abstain from premarital sex

3 05 2020

Am impressed because this is how it suppose to be as we abstian from premarital sex

25 01 2020

I have liked this advice as am still a virgin too at 22.

31 07 2020
Innocent kangwa

But do the benefits come when those of us who are saving sex for marriage marry a non-virgin?

12 04 2021

I don’t think so. I was a virgin who married a non-virgin and it is still affecting me 15 years later. Therapy, medication and having a family haven’t helped. I really hope my kids don’t have to go through this.

27 03 2022

What she the right person for you? Did you ask God if she was the right person?

Did you cry to God to intervene? Did your non-virgin partner really showed any sign of genuine repentance?

Please do not get me wrong with these questions. Prayer works and once you did your part to remain a virgin until marriage, you must challenge God based on His word. He will surely give you a perfect sexual life in your marriage.

No science can debunk what the Lord has said regarding marriage and sexual immorality.
Premarital sex is ungodly. We must be led in choosing our partners because sex is of God and He will surely link us to the right partners so far as compatibility is concerned.

I personally know a couple who never had premarital sex. They are happily married and Christ is in the marriage. Nothing is impossible for Him.

21 07 2021

Are you a woman? We might just be virgin soulmates 🙂

15 11 2019

Wow thank you so much dear
I found this very educating

29 10 2019

Wow! Thank you so much for these wonderful words of wisdom . I am so blessed because my mind as been cleared! It’s very possible to wait untill marriage. God bless you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

29 10 2019

You are most welcome, Margaret, we are glad you found this helpful. May God bless.. And reward your patience. Amen

21 10 2019

Take a glass of ice water, Charlie, yeah

31 08 2019

I disagree with what you said if you refrain from sex and it doesn’t work out you can just forget it. I broke up never had sex and it hurt like hell to leave him because we emotional bonding. I will remember him for ad long as I live . I am 99 percent certain he will too. And I dont want to remember him because it is painful… you underestimate the power of emotional bonding

22 09 2019

Dear Carla, I am sorry for what happened to you, you are right, break up hurts, but sex won’t make it any less painful, rather much more so

25 07 2019

i wii mentian virgin till marriage

7 07 2019

True! That was great and straight to the point. Thanks! A real man in love can understands it.

7 07 2019

I agree with you on that

1 07 2019

YES, the MOST precious gift U can give to your husband in marriage is finding out that you are a virgin.He will truly Love you back.

27 06 2019

Not one study was carried out or quoted for the writeup. Very uneducative and sentimental..

27 06 2019

Not one study to show us the sun is shining and night is dark, but we know it.

1 04 2019

Very nice

23 02 2019
Zachariah fortunate

Good, u have written well, God want every man to marry a virgin, that is why he created every woman in an intact hymen as a sign of cylibacy. As a virgin, I have vowed to marry a virgin.

18 07 2020

Are u still a virgin

7 09 2021

Tat’s a myth.some girls hymen breaks or scrathes because of some activities.so an hymen is not a sign of virginity.

11 01 2019
Oliver Chigorom Ngwuli

May God bless you and your family members. True talk from the throne of God

9 10 2018

Help those who got mayb raped n lost virginity that way but are celibate n how to keep a date from touching you sexually to avoid


9 10 2018
23 02 2019
Zachariah fortunate

Pls save ur virginity, and have a blissful marriage, as a virgin, i will unfailingly marry a virgin. God bless u

14 09 2018

thankyou for this great post. im 23 hope this will help me to be intact till i get married

19 08 2018
Juliet christabel

God please help me and those that are still virgins, father Lord help us and never make us fall a victim before or marital status.

19 08 2018

God bless you, Juliet Christabel, a trusting prayer never goes unanswered. But remember that we have to do our part. God has provided you with this article, read it and share it with your friends and family. Guard yourself from occasions that might lead you to sin. Pray and work hard in his own good time, he will reach out and reward you for trusting in him

17 08 2018

❤❤❤❤❤ I have no words to express my deepest inner feeling of relief after reading this, this is so right keep it up. From now onwards I will be strong with the guidance of the creator…. .This so good 👍 please don’t stop doing this.

17 08 2018

You are welcome, Nandi. Keep strong, and God will bless you. Never forget, God is always faithful. Many temptation will come but if you remain strong, you will conquer and abundant blessings will be yours. Love God and all will be well with you, for He loves you so much. Never doubt that.

21 07 2018
gift amarachi

thank this is really helping d female youth WE are greatful.

20 07 2018
oyetope gift

i am a 20 year old virgin and i sometimes feel the urge to have sex, i inform my boyfriend that i am a virgin and he advice me to get rid of it, if not it will cause me a lot of problem wen i am married bt i thank God 4 this write up infact it was really helpful and i will make sure i keep to it

20 07 2018

Thanks for writing in Oyetope gift, thank God you have a better knowledge of this issue, so no one can deceive (in order to take advantage of you) you anymore. Share this knowledge with your family and friends, send it to them so that they too can know and not be deceived.

21 01 2019

Never give up your virginity oyetope gift, when i found this article i was happy to know that people still waited and as a 22 year old virgin i am glad that i am still going strong. For this i have a purpose so when i meet my future wife i can share with her a gift only i can give her.

21 01 2019

Dont ever give up something that you cant ever get back, if he continues to pressure you or tries to do something to hurt you then its a sign he only wants you to sleep with him. You can get a lot of things in this life, a virginity is something you can’t get back. God created us to have one so we can give it to our spouse, so don’t waste it.

21 01 2019

Don’t ever give up something that is important to you. You only get one virginity in life so you should save it for your spouse

13 07 2018

I’m so bless to read this

21 06 2018
Blessing Ajayi

very nice thanks for the advise

14 05 2018
favour eteng

thanks 4 ur ncouragement toward the youth am grateful.

6 03 2018

nice one,seriously helpful for me cause I was about losing mine when I read this now am determined to stay a virgin till marriage,it’s some helpful article

6 03 2018

Good decision, Francis, one you will never regret. Glad to hear from you…Cheers

2 03 2018

Yah l owe 100% support to this ….its quite encouraging …thnk yu fr sharing these helping facts to us

2 03 2018

You are welcome, Lillian. Happy you found it helpful. God bless

31 01 2018
Nashi N.A

Wow, I love this,thanks for the advise.


31 01 2018

You are welcome, Nashi N. A. Thanks for writing in

31 08 2018

I am 21 years old and am still a virigin ,with the help of this write up I wish to remain a virigin till I marry

31 08 2018

You are a wise woman, Joan. God bless you

3 01 2018
Reuben Kimanthi

I am 30 years old…I have kept my virginity till marriage….. I married on 22/12/2017…..


3 01 2018

Congratulations Reuben Kimanthi, you have set a good example for others. You have shown that it’s possible to keep pure and keep your body clean for your spouse. May God bless you and your spouse with a happiness beyond compare as your love together begins forever

12 12 2017

I am facing this sex challenges
due to the place i live
we are getting seduced by these girls of nowadays
but i stay Strong and i thank God I’m Overcoming them


13 12 2017

Hi, Akinyemi, thanks for writing in. No doubt you have read scripture passage where Eve seduced Adam. Women have been seducing men right from the beginning. Thus it’s not an excuse. You have to resist. If not you should not blame Adam for falling to Eve and bringing unspeakable suffering on earth. Experienced people resist temptation by guarding their eyes. What you can control is what you look at. Even if a girl chooses to go naked (shameless) you still have the power not to look at her if you choose. So guard your eyes. See but don’t look. A man can see an indecently clad woman pass and leave it there. Another man can see the same woman, but looks i.e taking the details of her nakedness. More important, do not stay alone with a girl in a place where things can happen. You are more likely to fall into temptation when you are alone with a girl where no one can see. Finally, don’t exchange jokes or anything sexual in nature.

5 06 2018

Delila seduced Samson & in the end the vry eyes he used to see her were gorged out. Stay strong

16 10 2017
achu simon

The information was very helpful.

2 10 2017

It is a good thing

29 09 2017

I will like to move along with you while getting all your posts.

26 09 2017
El bajam David

I am a Husband, then a Father and I have found this piece superb. I will teach my three female children. God bless you.

26 09 2017

Thanks for writing in, El Bajam David, you are a wise man.

29 07 2017

This is good. I will teach my kids

24 07 2017

It’s wise to stay clean until marriage, good people keep God’s law alive

6 06 2017
godfrey musa

devil have blanded the eyes of our youth to day not to see the lmplitation of premarital sex

6 02 2017
James M

Im a virgin @ 27!I feel like an angel.

18 01 2017

am 20,my prayer is to remain a virgin till marriage.
I encourage fellow girls to wait for it is possible.

2 09 2016

Absolutely! Great post. My husband and I saved ourselves for marriage, and it was the best decision.

3 09 2016

Hi, À LA MODEST, thanks for writing in. Yes, those who keep themselves clean and pure are often the happiest because they come to marriage with fewer regrets. Keep it up. You are a good example to many

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