The Woman in the Gutter: A Story of Love

2 12 2014


A few years ago a beautiful, fashionably dressed woman was seen crawling into a gutter in New York City in early March. She was searching for something in the grime of the  gutter. A small crowd was staring at her as a policeman approached.

“What’s the matter, ma’am?” he asked.

“I dropped my ring,” she said, sobbing.”It was a diamond ring my husband gave me before he went to fight in Afghanistan. He never came back. It’s the last thing he ever gave me. I’m not going to lose it.”

She didn’t care about ruining her outfit or about what people would say. She was thinking about the man she loved. This woman’s action tell us what love is:

  • Love is not self-indulgence, as popular culture would have us believe.
  • Love is not a good feeling, as much popular music would like us to believe.
  • Love is self-giving. It is forgetting oneself and one’s feelings, even sacrificing oneself for the good of the beloved. Just as Christ did on the cross.



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