A Help for Nigeria Women and Children

9 08 2014

Niger Foundation Hospital and Diagnostic Centre (NFH) is a project of Niger Welfare Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Nigeria. NFH is a non-profit institution that has been set up to offer good quality medical care to the general. The project is meant to make a tangible contribution to the healthcare system in the country, which suffers from poor healthcare facilities. The medical care given at the hospital is based on Christian principles of respect for human dignity. The hospital strives to maintain sound ethical practices in the care of each sick person. http://www.nfh.org.ng

A community development initiative of Niger Foundation Hospital, Iwollo Rural Health Centre has the overarching goal of promoting the social, health and economic well-being of the local population, with particular reference to women and children. Amongst the services provided to Iwollo and its surrounding communities are free medical




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11 08 2014
Tinuke Afin

I hope they are actually maintaining the standards they claim to have. The current Ebola scare around the World will put pressure on hospitals. Most of our Nigerian hospitals, especially the government ones will not be able to keep up. It looks beautiful though…

11 08 2014

You are right Tinuke, it is very difficult to run anything, talk less of a world standard hospital in Nigeria. With epileptic power supply and no pipe borne water cost of delivering healthcare is very high. There is need for co-operation among private hospitals and business men who can provide the funds for infrastructure. The ebola is an easily containable virus once it has been identified. I like to agree with you that hospitals need to be very vigilant and act fast once anyone is suspected.

10 08 2014
From Coal city

We really need more hospitals that have health care delivery as their primary focus in this country. Kudos!

10 08 2014

Thank you Coal City for dropping by. You are right. Nigeria, and Africa as a whole needs more hospitals that are well run and that meet world standards. This is where the government and well-meaning individuals can help a lot.

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