Amy Corney Barrett is good for America and the World

27 10 2020
Justice Amy Corney Barret. Sworn in as Justice of the Supreme Court at the White house

The recent confirmation and swearing in of Amy Barrett to the US Supreme Court is something very significant and disruptive to the false feminist theory that motherhood and family shackles  women down, preventing them from reaching heights attained by their male counterparts. For far too long, the image of the successful woman has been the movie star, single, or divorced but usually always childless, perhaps having had multiple abortions. This message has been devastating to adolescent girls who really wish to marry and have families as well as reach the peak of their chosen careers. Now they know it is possible. A woman can be the best even with children strapped to her apron.  Amy Corney Barrett has revealed to these young teens an alternative path to the same goal, but this time, family and children can come along. Amy is living proof that nothing holds a woman back except her own fears, yes a woman can have it all and more. Rarely have we seen a beautiful woman with seven beautiful children most of whom are school aged, shatter the highest glass ceiling in the philosophy, science and study of law.

Her judicial philosophy of originalism simply put is the philosophy that proposes to interpret law as it is, not as she would wish it to be. It is speak the truth, it is the progressivism of truthfulness, of striving to decipher what the authors of the law had in mind when they wrote the law,  rather than imposing the her own meaning, which unfortunately is all the vogue in a postmodernist America and indeed the world.  We see it today in mainstream media, journalism, and even the highest citadel of learning, the Universities. In the humanities, subjective postmodernist textual interpretations are now institutionalized. Amy’s originalism seeks to confirm that reality is objective and not subjective. The law is what it is, not whatever she wishes it to be and more importantly she wishes to respect the integrity of the authors of the American constitution who wished to communicate something, Amy pledges to try to hear or understand what they is trying to say is to respect and recognize them as individuals, capable of making statements.

Those who attack her originalism argue that the US constitution is a text written two centuries ago, and many necessary apply to the today’s people. Though this argument, on the surface, seems logical, but its underlying assumptions are that the social and civil ills that beset people two hundred years ago are fundamentally different from today, this is clearly false. Though we are technologically more advanced, the fundamental human problem of justice, equity and fairness are much the same today as they were two hundred years ago, and would likely be remain so till the end of time. Thus laws moderating life in society today should not fundamentally different yesteryears.

Amy Corney Barrett is an originalist because she loves truth and believes that age old maxim that says that the truth will set you free. In addition she is a woman of faith, during the confirmation hearings she caught the world’s attentions when she said that she believes in power of prayer and she knows that many people are praying for her. With this she shared the secret of her strength with the world. Her faith in God! She is a shining example of how the faith should be lived. Some people Christian wait for pies from the skies. Amy works hard, like anybody else; in fact she works better than the best because she is not just working for money, but working for God.  This is how a Christian should work, says Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, as people who participate in the creative work of God, and since God works are always perfect, so a Christian has to strive for perfection in his work, because it is also something that has to be offered to God. Working like this and living like this, turning work into an occasion to serve God through her neighbors was something that Amy Barrett was very good at. Her work as a university professor brought her in contact with many people who she was able to help in one way or another. As a large hearted Judge, asks herself before passing judgment, what she would do if she was passing the same judgment on her own child. This is how she feels and senses the pains of others.

In summary, it is clear that Amy Corney Barrett’s love for the truth, her in-depth knowledge of law and jurisprudence, her philosophy of originalism, her human and spiritual empathy with others, her strong love and faith in God are overwhelming evidence she is an immense contribution to the Supreme Court of America and that her sterling qualities would have great and positive impact on American lives and indeed the world for years to come.

Adele Makes Womanliness Attractive Once More

22 11 2015

Adele 1

Music lovers the world over are hailing Adele Laurie Blue Adkins’ new album, 25 as a great success.  Her debut album in 2008, won numerous awards including a Grammy for best New Artist. Her second album, 21, in 2011 sold over 30million copies  and was the UK’s fourth best selling album of all time and had her listed at number five on VH1’s 100 Greatest Women in Music.

25 is Adele’s third studio album. It was released in November 2015 and the lead single, “Hello” released earlier in October 2015 has already been viewed over half a billion times on YouTube and  a worldwide number-one hit and became the first song to sell over one million digital copies within a week of its release in the US

With a stunning cinematography and vocals resonating with emotions, “Hello” is a song about a woman trying to get back in touch with a man whose heart she had broken many years ago. This song hints at a truth that is hidden the hearts of many of us.

Deep in our hearts, we know that to heal a world filled with broken hearts and wrecked relationships, we must learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness. With more than  500,000 divorces in the US alone, an incredible  selfishness has engulfed  many people’s lives and this song is telling  people to make the effort to reconnect,  to say sorry, to apologize and make up for all the wrongs.

Adele, herself, knows all the hurts of divorce. Her father, Mark Evans left when she was two, leaving her 20-year-old mother to raise her single-handedly. She knows how much suffering she could have been spared if only Papa knew how to say hello, how to say, I am sorry.

Adele is unafraid of being herself. Criticized by celebrities such as Karl Lagerfeld and Joan Rivers for her weight, Adele said that she is happy with her weight   “I like looking nice, but I always put comfort over fashion. I don’t find thin girls attractive; be happy and healthy. I’ve never had a problem with the way I look. I’d rather have lunch with my friends than go to a gym.”  She scorns the modern pop culture that is driving an appalling numbers of girls into starving themselves, bingeing and purging, mutilating their bodies all in other to look beautiful, to be accepted.

In her music videos we see none of the shameless nudity so prevalent in MTV music videos such as Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking ball”. Nudity and utter animalistic immodesty- on- steroids so often on display in music videos these days are not only an assault on minors who might be watching, but also an assault on our shared human culture which is gradually being transformed to an animal one.

adele 2

Animals do not need modesty because they neither think nor love. But modesty is important in human society; it brings out the best in everyone. Modest female singers like Adele make womanliness attractive once more in a transcendent kind of way.

adele 3

The secret that make Adele’s music videos so alluring is that breath of fresh air, that sweet whiff of the nobility we once had and but lost. Adele’s fashionable modesty is ultimately more erotic than Miley Cyrus licentiousness. Men are more excited, by the twinkling eyes and the slender ankle peeking out from the long skirt than they are by casually exposed body parts and effortless conquests in the sack. She is mischievous and modest in her music videos and her modesty is the logical consequence of her having personal dignity even as she refuses to unveil what should remain hidden.

Then again, she is not only unafraid of being herself, she is unafraid of having children, an aspect of womanhood most denigrated and scoffed by high society women.

In 2013, when Adele won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the James Bond theme, “Skyfall” thinking it her proudest moment of her life, and thinking  it best to quit when the ovation was loudest, she decided to leave the music industry.  Her son’s coming of age changed her mind. She said her son inspired her to start recording music again in order for him to “know what I do”.

Always inspired by her motherhood, she praised Madonna’s, Ray of Light, as her best album because Madonna sang it when she was a mother.

adele 4

Adele is a hardworking courageous artist who writes her own songs, taking pains to be original. After her second album, she struggled with a writer’s block for 2 years that could have destroyed lesser songwriters and her victory is a ray of hope for many artists hopelessly gripped by block and self doubt

Adele was given her first recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend helpfully posted her demo on MySpace. Now she tries to reciprocate by helping other people. She gives regular free concerts to raise money for the less privileged and makes no discrimination of any kind on the grounds of race or color or class.


Article written by Chinwuba Iyizoba, Editor of Authors-choice


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