“Which parent do I not need? My mom or my dad?” 11 year old Grace asked stuned legislators

18 07 2013

Grace evans
Grace Evans may be 11, but she has a lot of sense. During a debate on same sex marriage, she took the microphone in a roomful of adults and said that if it takes a man and a woman to make a baby, then it should take a man and woman to raise them.
“If you change the law so two moms or two dads can get married, it would take away something very important for children like me across the state,” she told them. Kids learn different things from parents of both genders, Grace told them, and “God made it that way.” She explained to the lawmakers that her mother “is her role model on how to be a girl, and I love her very much. My dad is also very important to me because he protects me… and takes care of me in a way my mom cannot.” So, she asked, “Which parent do I not need? My mom or my dad?”
The room fell silent. She looked into the eyes of leaders three and four times her age and asked again. No one answered. Maybe because they couldn’t. Or maybe because a little girl had just pointed out a fact that too many adults ignore: children deserve a mom and a dad. And when they’re raised to be as courageous as Grace is, it’s easy to see why.

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