“I will keep and love my baby,” says raped 11-year-old girl

21 07 2013

The world is applauding an 11-year-old girl, Belén, who was raped by her stepfather and said she will keep her child despite the tragic circumstances of her conception.
“…I am going to love her a lot, no matter what – even if she is from that man who hurt me.” said Belén

That man who hurt her, her stepfather is currently in jail awaiting trial.

Abortion advocates are making a fuss, and saying that Belén is too young to know the implications of her decision, or else is not being offered fair options (i.e., no one is offering to kill her baby) for her pregnancy.

They would rather see Belén as a young woman who is the mother of a dead baby than as a young woman who bravely yet happily faced the joys and hardships that accompany being a mother at her young age. Perhaps Belén recognizes that in the end, the joy of a new life outweighs and outlives the sorrow of how it came to be.

Belén received praise and encouragement from the president of her country, Sebastian Pinera. Belén surprised all with words that demonstrated depth and maturity when she said that despite the pain that the man who had raped her had caused, she was going to love and care for her newborn.

Although abortion advocates decry lack of access to abortion in countries like Chile  citing danger to the mother’s life, they say Belén should abort, yet  they fail to recognize that Chile actually put  women first.  This  is how  Pinera explained it during his address, “Chile’s first concern is the life of the mother,” he said, “when Belén’s pregnancy reaches 22 weeks, that is, eight weeks from now, if it is necessary a doctor will induce a premature birth  in accordance with her care, because in our country the life of the mother always comes first.”
Lauren Enriquez

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