Croatia Affirms Marriage As Union of A Man and A Woman

5 12 2013

Croatia  Affirms  Marriage As Union of A Man and A Woman

By a 65%-34% margin, voters in Croatia have approved a constitutional amendment to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, according to wire service reports.

President Ivo Josipovic and Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic both opposed the amendment.

“This is the last referendum that gives a chance to the majority to strip a minority of its rights,” said Milanovic, a proponent of same-sex unions.

The nation of 4.5 million is 89% Catholic, 4% Orthodox, and 1% Muslim.
Croatia organized a referendum this weekend to vote whether to allow gay “marriages” or not. The referendum voted overwhemingly “Yes” to ban gay “marriages”.

It all began thanks to a group of Catholics who collected more than 740,000 signatures forcing a referendum which prevent Croatian President and Prime Minister both ardent Gay advocate, from imposing their will on the nation . They did something.


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