Couple Donate Marriage Banquet to Poor People

4 04 2014

couple donate banquet

Mother Teresa of India recently told the following story.
A few weeks ago two young people came to our house and gave me quite a sum of money to feed the poor. In Calcutta we cook for 9,000 people every day. The two of them wished their money to be used to feed these hungry people. I then asked them, “Where did you get that much money?”
And they answered, “Two days ago we were married. Before our wedding we decided that we would not spend any money on special wedding clothes, nor would we have a wedding banquet. We wanted the money we would spend on these things to go to the poor.”
For high caste Hindus, to act like this was a scandal. Their friends and relatives found it unthinkable that a couple from such outstanding families should get married without bridal gowns and a proper wedding feast.
So Mother Teresa asked them, “Why did you give me all this money?”
And they gave her this surprising answer, “We love one another so much that we wanted to make a special sacrifice for each other at the very start of our married life “

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