Christians to pay $150, 000 to Lesbian Couple: Unleashing the beast

17 02 2015

cakeGay lobbyist and activist would have us believe in  equality and justice of their cause. They say redefinition of marriage as the union of any number of consenting adults regardless of gender will do us all no harm. Well the story of Melissa and her husband has exposed their true motives. Melissa and her husband are (were) owners Sweet cakes which makes cakes for traditional married couples will have to pay $150,000 fine to 2 Lesbians for acting according to their beliefs. The Aaron and Melissa Klein believe as Christians believe in traditional marriage, that marriage is between one man and one woman. As the story goes, when 2 lesbians turned up and requested a cake for their lesbian marriage, they declined, telling them that they were Christians. But alas, instead of going shopping somewhere else, the lesbians dragged the peaceful couple to court. Worse, the court has ruled against the Melisa effectively putting them out of business. We are now seeing the true realization of the camel heads in the tent. Where do we draw the line? Soon every man and woman risk jail if they so much as breathe a word of what they believe. Every parent risk jail if they teach their child what they believe. Every Christian business risks huge fines and foreclosure if they so much as breathe a word of what they believe. Redefinition of marriage will institute permanent tyranny of intolerance of any view or notion of marriage that is not gay and unleash a pack of wolves that would hound everyone else into the woods. Could human civilization be progressing backwards to times when Christians were thrown to the lions? Chinwuba

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