Hope for the hopeless: A Review of the film Room (2015)

27 06 2021
Room(2015) Joy and her son Jack

There is a saying that every child is a gift that comes with one mouth to feed, two hands to help and one brain to innovate. This is true even for a child born in great injustice of rape and kidnapping. Such was the case in the movie Room (2015); the story of a young girl kidnapped and held hostage for seven years by a pervert. Joy Newsom(Brie Larson was only 17 when her world came crashing down: a man tricked her into his garage and locked the door. There she remained for seven years, weeping and asking for death a million times over but he thwarted all her attempts at escape or to kill herself.

But all that changed when she had a child. There’s something about child that brings hope with it.

“My whole world changed when I had Jack (Jacob Tremblay) because he was so beautiful,” Joy said during an interview after she had been released from captivity, and she got reasonably upset when the interviewer insensitively asked her why she raised Jack in captivity rather than encourage her captor to take him away.

 “He brought meaning back into my life.” Joy rightly said, and when asked if it does not bother her that Jack’s biological father is a pervert, she responded, ” Everything about that child is me, he has nothing to do with him, because being a father is not about fathering a child, it is about loving a child” and she clung on to her son protecting him in every way, ensuring that her captor never saw him nor felt threatened by him so they he wouldn’t kill him or take him away from her. For instance she would hide him in the closet whenever he is around having his way with her. But when he is gone, Joy will bath him, clean him and together they would play and do exercises. Her son Jack helped her to live and when he was five, she began planning how both of them could escape.

She eventually managed to get Jack to play dead and convinced her captor that he was dead and thus on his way to bury him, Jack escaped and alerted passerby who called the police and located his mother and freed her.

The film has won multiple awards, and was voted one of the best films of 2015 not just because it caused great emotion in people who wondered what could account for the great evil found residing in the human heart and what drives people to do unspeakable things such as this, but also because it shows that good eventually win over evil at the end. The birth of Jack in the midst of the pit of captivity and despair was a gift to his mother that helped her hold on to the tread of life which would have easily snapped if he was not there. That is why those who advocate for abortion even in the most egregious circumstances are so very mistaken, for a child is blessing and a source of hope even for the most hopeless.

by Chinwuba Iyizoba

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