The Lawyer Who Let A Woman Drown: A story that will break your heart

29 07 2013


A respectable lawyer walking in the streets of Amsterdam heard a cry in the night and realized that a woman had fallen into the canal and was crying out for help.

Thoughts came rushing through his mind. Of course he must help, but … a respected lawyer getting involved in this way, what would the implications be, what about the natural danger … after all, who knows what has been going on?’

By the time he had thought it through, it was too late. He moved on, making all kinds of excuses to justify his failure to act. He did not answer a woman’s cry for help because that was the kind of man he was.

A lot of our sins have to do, not with what we do wrong, but in the good things we don’t do.  This devastating story in Albert Camus’ novel, The Fall,  expresses the truth of how narrow our lives can become.

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