My Wife is a Hero by Bobby Wesson

5 12 2015

Her husband’s Facebook post went viral after he exposed something she thought she was hiding so well…


Bobby Wesson’s Facebook post about his wife Rayena went viral after her snapped a picture of her and their son in bed, with a revealing message about the woman behind the tough mommy mask.


What was intended to be a little endearing note of public appreciation for his wife has now been shared more than 136,000 times:


Bobby’s post has received countless praises on both Rayena’s heroic deeds as a trauma nurse and his admirable, undying affection for his wife.

“I typed this with my thumbs in less time than it took to brew the coffee I referenced,” Bobby told Alabama Media Group. “It has been amazing to see it travel so far and humbling to read the notes and stories from nurses, medical professionals, patients and people worldwide.”

It’s amazing just how far a little love note over a pot of coffee can go…

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