The Famous actress who wanted to commit suicide: Eve Lavalliere

11 11 2014

famous actressEve Lavalliere was a famous actress who at the high point in her career was so discouraged and mixed up that she thought of taking her own life and had even made her way down the stone steps that led from a bridge over the Seine River to the water’s edge. Just as she reached the bottom a strong hand seized her shoulder and a masculine voice commanded, “No, don’t do it. You’ll be exchanging bad for worse.”

As the stranger drew her hand into the light, he recognised the famous actress. Then he exclaimed, “I would never have thought that you could be driven to this. My wife and I never miss one of your plays. They have helped to brighten our lives.”

He saw her home and agreed that he would never mention the episode to anyone. Her parting words to him were, “I have long thought that giving everything to my audience, I have received nothing in return, but tonight you have shown me differently. You have saved me from myself.”

She later left the stage and the world, and died like a saint…All she needed was encouragement…

People need¬†encouragement. Don’t fail to say words of encouragement¬†sometimes to the¬†people by your side.

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