Why Did Jesus Come As a Child: The Story Of The Injured Bird

10 06 2014

Why Jesus Come As a Child: The Story Of The Injured Bird

One- Christmas Eve, a man was wondering why God chose to come down as a helpless infant. As he was thinking about this, he heard some noise outside his window and he looked out. He saw that some green geese had landed in his back garden. The snow had drifted and they had landed in the snow. Flying in from the North Pole to the Gulf of Mexico, one of them had got injured and, as is the habit with green geese when they fly in formation, if one of them is injured some others will come down and not abandon him. So this man, more heart than head, ran out to help. Once he appeared, of course, he scared the life out of them and they began to flounder and sink into the snow, injuring themselves. He opened the garage door, trying to encourage them to go into the garage, hoping that he might get some Society for the Protection of Green Geese, (I’m sure you could find such a group somewhere!) that might come- along and help. But the more he tried to get the geese into the garage, the more harm he was doing and the more they were injured. For one crazy moment he wished he was a goose, and then he could speak their language and tell them that he was only trying to help! And then it dawned on him why Jesus came the way he did!
He came as a helpless infant to be like one of us, so that he could speak our language. He could actually touch the child and forgive the sinner and feed the hungry and show us exactly what we ourselves had to do.

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