Doubling For God

5 07 2014

christ doubleIn every big movie or opera, the Star is provided an understudy and also a double who must do the stunts and hard parts the main actor or actress cannot do. There are stunt people, for instance, who wreck planes and do other risky things that the hero or heroine of the film cannot he allowed to do…
These doubles must study the hero or heroine very closely and intimately‚Ķ sometimes they live with them for some time… so as to imitate them closely in speech and action and movement and dress that no ordinary outsider could tell the two of them apart. When one takes the place of the other in a film, no one knows the difference.
Jesus needs doubles here today. He is no longer on earth. But he need doubles who are so like him in every way that contemporaries could not tell him and them apart… He has gone back to heaven and there are many things he no longer can do on earth short of a miracle. He needs doubles, today to do them. The more Christ like they are, the better they double.

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