Acid attack victim woman to kill herself but meets Pope Francis 

12 09 2017


For Consuela Cordoba, life had no meaning anymore. Hit by the depth of human wickedness, she had lost faith in humanity and wanted out. She was going to kill herself and had set a date with death and an appointment with a doctor who will kill her (Euthanasia is legal in Columbia)

Once a pretty woman, with chocolate colored skin and gleaming white teeth accentuated her dimpled smile. All that changed in 2000 when her ex-boyfriend poured acid all over her. He was arrested and spent just one month in jail, but for Consuela, nothing would ever be the same again.

She will spend not one month, but the rest of her life breathing through straws tubes sticking out from what was once her pretty nose. Her face or what remains of it must be covered at all time with skin mask or it would desiccate on contact with sunlight. Her life was over. 

After countless surgeries, she finally succumbed to despair. Wickedness has triumphed and evil has had his way with her. There was nothing. She would help her ex-boyfriend finish what he started so that his complete and utter triumph over her would be final. She will end her life and that was that. She paid the required fees to the death doctor and a date was fixed. 

But just before the date arrived, Pope Francis visited Columbia and met with her. 

She was one of the crowds but Pope Francis spotted her and asked them to bring her to speak with him. 

When she stood before him,  she made a simple request, ‘Papa, give me permission to end my life for I am tired of this world”

Pope Francis crushed her into his arms and looked deep into her eyes and said, ‘No”

“Why,” she asked him, weeping and shaking from the magnitude of love she be-held in his eyes

“Because you are very beautiful and I love you”.
That was it.

That moment was all it took.  She changed her mind. 

“I will never kill myself,” she swore to herself.

 Rather, she will live on, determined to be a witness and an inspiration for millions of other people, victims of wickedness. She will give hope to the raped, to those suffering violations of any kind. She will turn the great evil done to her into something good. In her suffering she will share in the sufferings of abandoned children, of mutilated girls and of starving the world over. She will offer her pain in expiation for the crimes of war and injustice throughout the world. In-short her agony will pay the ransom for girls kidnapped and sold into prostitution and slavery in Europe and all over the globe. Her beauty so cruelly and brutally erased she will accept, in exchange and in atonement for those beautiful women who misuse their beauty in pornographic ways to ravage the hearts of men lead and lead them into sin and addiction ruining their families. For every ounce of diabolical hatred with which her ex-boyfriend poured acid on her, she would pour out all her love for every creature for the rest of her life.

How to Love In this House of Brede

10 09 2017

I recently came across a book where someone was saying that his spiritual life improved dramatically after watching a movie made in 1975 called, “In This House of Brede

In the movie, a successful London business woman leaves everything to become a Nun. Philippa Talbot, played by pretty slender Diana Rigg, was a divorcee and a widow who left her comfortable life among the London elite to join a cloistered Benedictine community of contemplative nuns called, “Brede.”

As she staggered through the convent gates after stopping over at local bar for three glasses of martini and her last cigarettes, little did she know into what she was getting.

Life in the convent was austere and bereft of all the types of comfort she was used to, yet, she did very well, rising quickly to be a favorite of Lady Abbes, understandably, due to her great experiences in life and knowledge.

Like a true business woman, she knew how to navigate through political factions and adversaries. Yet her vocation almost unraveled when a younger girl (Judy Bowker) joined the community and for some silly reasons began seeking her attention and successful seduces Philippa. The beginning of this personal friendship (nothing sexual mind you) with this naughty nun was the beginning of great unhappiness for poor Sister Philippa.

She quickly found that her love for God was gradually replaced by attachment to this girl, and a great struggle ensued to regain her heart completely for God.

She tried cutting of all contact with the young nun but quickly changed tactics when she learned from Lady Abbess that the young nun, was about to abandon her vocation and flee the convent. Philippa raced to find her pleading,” Please stay, and even if we break all the convent rules.”

“Did you not know that I knew we are doing wrong?” asked the young nun.

“But we must learn to care less for each other by caring more for others.”

“Can we?” asked Philippa.

“We can try,” replied the young nun.

That must have been the breath of the Holy Spirit speaking through her lips for that was what saved their vocation. By serving others and doing menial tasks that no one else wanted to do in the convent, and most important, loving the other nuns, the two love birds managed to regain control of their unbridled passion for each other and turn their heart back to God. The movie ends with Sister Philippa accepting the call to lead a new Benedictine foundation in Japan, where she spent part of her childhood.

By Chinwuba Iyizoba

The Editor

 Marriage and being In-love by C. S Lewis 

16 06 2017

Why must I remain married when I am no longer in love? Here is another answer by C. S Lewis 

Man Sings to His Sick Wife : True Love Story

12 04 2014

Man sings to wife

One of our favorite patients had been in and out of our small, rural hospital several times, and all of us on med-surg had grown quite attached to her and her husband. In spite of terminal cancer and resulting pain, she never failed to give us a smile or a hug. Whenever her husband came to visit, she glowed. He was a nice man, very polite and as friendly as his wife. I had grown quite attached to them and was always glad to care for her.
I admired their expression of love. Daily, he brought her fresh flowers and a smile, then sat by her bed as they held hands and talked quietly. When the pain was too much and she cried or became confused, he hugged her gently in his arms and whispered until she rested.

He spent every available moment at her bedside, giving her small sips of water and stroking her brow. Every night, before he left for home, he closed the door so they could spend time alone together. When he was gone, we’d find her sleeping peacefully with a smile on her lips.
On this night, however, things were different. As soon as I entered report, the day nurses informed us she had steadily taken a turn for the worse and wouldn’t make it through the night. Although I was sad, I knew that this was for the best. At least my friend wouldn’t be in pain any longer.

I left report and checked on her first. When I entered the room, she aroused and smiled weakly, but her breathing was labored and I could tell it wouldn’t be long. Her husband sat beside her, smiling, too, and said, “My Love is finally going to get her reward.”
Tears came to my eyes, so I asked if they needed anything and left quickly. I offered care and comfort throughout the evening, and at about midnight she passed away with her husband still holding her hand. I consoled him and with tears running down his cheeks he said, “May I please be alone with her for awhile?” I hugged him and closed the door behind me.
I stood outside the room, blotting my tears and missing my friend and her smile. And I could feel the pain of her husband in my own heart. Suddenly from the room came the most beautiful male voice I have ever heard singing. It was almost haunting the way it floated through the halls. All of the other nurses stepped out into the hallways to listen as he sang “Beautiful Brown Eyes” at the top of his lungs.
When the tune faded, the door opened and he called to me. He looked me in the eyes then hugged me saying, “I sang that song to her every night from the first day we met. Normally I close the door and keep my voice down so as not to disturb the other patients. But I had to make sure she heard me tonight as she was on her way to heaven. She had to know that she will always be my forever love. Please apologize to anyone I bothered. I just don’t know how I will make it without her, but I will continue to sing to her every night. Do you think she will hear me?”
I nodded my head “yes,” unable to stop my tears. He hugged me again, kissed my cheek, and thanked me for being their nurse and friend. He thanked the other nurses, then turned and walked down the hall, his back hunched, whistling the song softly as he went.
As I watched him leave I prayed that I, too, would someday know that kind of forever love.

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