Porn or Guns : Cause of Umpqua Community College Shooting

2 10 2015

porn or guns

Sympathies are pouring in for the 10 victims killed and the seven injured on Thursday, when a 26-year-old gunman, Harper-Mercer, opened fire in a classroom at a community college in Umpqua Community College, southern Oregon.

In CNN, a visibly angry Obama pointed fingers at the proliferation of guns as the chief cause of the incessant shootings in America.  He usually does that and it is easy to pick on the obvious; but if we really want to curb this type of crimes we need to go beyond the superficial and look at root causes. Guns don’t kill people, it is people who kill people using guns. This distinction is important, especially when Washington Post, surprisingly, is saying that gun ownership in the United States is declining overall, yet mass killings is occurring with increasing frequency in recent years.

Daily mail profile of Chris Harper-Mercer makes out three things. First,  this guy had a penchant for violence. His profile says that he expressed admiration for Vester Flanagan, who shot dead his former colleagues on live television. Secondly, he loved IRA terrorists and the Nazis, this explains his love for mass killings and atheism

Porn or guns2

However, when I read that most of the victims were women, an alarm bell went off in my brain. Why does he hate women?  None of the activities in his profile so far could explain his hatred for women.  Perhaps there is something here deeper than meets the eye.  A closer look reveal that Chris Harper loves pornography, and had recently uploaded a significant number of pornographic videos to a file-sharing website.  This I think is the root cause of his love for violence,   mass killing with hatred of women.

There are strong evidential link between violence and porn use. Deseret news reports that pornography leads to violence because the excitement factor for porn diminishes and requires more and more deviant materials to gain the same level of excitement.  “Internet pornography consumers are essentially training their brains to demand violence, because the images available are unimaginably depraved and violent. “

In this book, The Porn Circuit, we see how regular viewing of pornography rewires the brain of an addict, creating such dependency that often has violent outlet.

Russ Warner published a revealing list of serial killers with history of porn addiction, the most famous of whom was Ted Bundy, a convicted rapist and mutilation murderer of Washington, who said that hard-core pornography had a “crystallizing effect” on his violent tendencies and his acting out during the 1970s

Again, Newsweek magazine looked and found a link between prostitution/pornography  and violence against women, and reports that “Overall, the attitudes and habits of sex buyers reveal them as men who dehumanize and commodity women, view them with anger and contempt, lack empathy for their suffering, and relish their own ability to inflict pain and degradation.”

 porn or guns 3


Lastly, Mr Chris Harper-Mercer displayed all the typical symptoms of a porn addict, with his dysfunctional relationships, and an inability to deal with real people, especially women.

In Daily mail, he described himself as ‘shy at first, but warm up quickly’, he said he was looking for ‘the yin to my yang’ and ‘someone who shares my beliefs, and is similar to me’. He described his personality as a ‘lover, conservative, professional, intellectual, introvert’ but said he was ‘not religious but spiritual’ And a neighbor of Harper-Mercer, who lived in Winchester, Oregon, said he ‘seemed really unfriendly.

All these are typical symptoms of pornography addiction. According to clinical psychologist,  Dr. Peter C. Kleponis, ” Pornography harms young people’s ability to have healthy relationships. The message it sends to young men is that women are there solely for their sexual pleasure.”

Perhap, Obama should take a closer look at the proliferation of pornography (it is now a 10 billion dollar per year industry) and the different alternative life styles that fuel sex trade. These are the real root of the ills in our society.  It is time he gets a little angry with the millions of pornography available on the Internet creating a culture of violence for today’s woman and find ways to put a stop to them, that is if he really wants to stop mass shooting.

By Chinwuba Iyizoba



How To Break Porn Addiction in 90 days by Sam Black

13 07 2015

porn addiction

Stop Looking at Porn, You Sicko!

Comedian Bob Newhart has been making people laugh for decades. One of my favorite skits features Newhart playing the role of a therapist. After one patient describes her fears of being buried in a box, he advises her to listen carefully to two words and incorporate them into her life. “Are you ready?” he asks. “Here they are…

“Stop it!” He shouts.

When she seems puzzled by the therapy, he says, “This isn’t Yiddish, Catherine. This is English: Stop it! You don’t want to go around in life being scared of being buried in a box, do you? It sounds frightening.

Then stop it!”

As Catherine brings up other phobias and problems, she receives the same advice. She suffers from bulimia.

“Stop it. Are you a nut of some kind?”

She has self-destructive relationships with men.

“Stop it!” Newhart shouts.

She fears driving.

“Get in the car and drive, you kook! Stop it!”

For reasons apparent to most people, poor Catherine doesn’t feel comforted and demands more from her therapist.

“I don’t like this therapy at all. You’re just telling me to ‘stop it,’” she confronts.

“Okay, let me give you 10 words that I think will clear everything up for you,” he says. “Do you want to get a pad and a pencil for this one? Are you ready? Here are the 10 words. Stop it or I’ll bury you alive in a box!”

Hopefully, no one meets a therapist like this. But unfortunately, this is the pointless counsel that many people give themselves or to others regarding porn use: “Stop it!”

No one likes to admit they feel out of control, but then pivotal moments come along that wake us up to what our habits are costing us.

The perception of these costs can vary. A person may be troubled or even disgusted by their pornography use, or it may be having a disturbing effect on their sexual thoughts and behaviors. Pornography can have negative impacts on relationships, from ignoring loved ones in order to spend time with porn to pornography destroying intimacy, which can lead to divorce. Pornography often reduces sexual potency, including premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Others may realize that pornography use conflicts with their moral or religious beliefs. They may recognize that the men and women in porn are real people that are typically victimized, especially women. “This is someone’s daughter,” they may recognize. Women in porn are often treated with violence, and are required to perform sex acts that are abusive.

Pornography contributes to sex trafficking, and the victims of sex trafficking become part of the pool of video and images circulated online. Between 14,500 and 17,500 sex slaves are trafficked into the U.S. each year. Another 300,000 American children are at risk for trafficking each year.

After binging on porn, many men and women feel ashamed of having given in again. They promise themselves, others, and even God that they will never again view erotic images, videos, or stories, or enter online sex chatrooms. Typically, this promise is little more than a repeated plea that echoes through their memory. They may even experience periods of abstinence from porn, whether a couple of days, a week, or even a month, but eventually they fall again.

If a person could just “stop it,” quitting porn would have happened by now. For some, a vicious circle plays out: viewing porn to feel better, acting out, feeling shame, keeping their secret, viewing porn to feel better, acting out, feeling shame, keeping their secret… The merry-go-round continues, and though nauseous from this spinning, escape seems unrealistic. Others may feel no shame about using porn and may see it as a recreational activity. But they still might recognize its adverse impact on their sex life, work, and family. They may realize that they need porn and masturbation just to feel normal. They may notice that their porn use has escalated to more varieties, or to scenes they feel (or once felt) are hurtful, disgusting, or inappropriate.>Read more

Sex-slave trafficking in Africa by Chinwuba Iyizoba

14 09 2013

Sex slaves

The grim finding in Austria a truck containing up to 70 decomposing bodies of trafficked person on highway near Hungary border has once again brought to the world the grim reality of human trafficking.  US state Department report on Trafficking in Persons Report released in 2009 estimated that there are still over 12.3 million adults and children in forced labor, bonded labor, and commercial sexual servitude at any given time in the world. About 1.4 million of these are victims of commercial sexual servitude.

Even President Obama has acknowledged that slavery still exists in the US: “Sadly, there are thousands who are trapped in various forms of enslavement, here in our country… oftentimes young women who are caught up in prostitution… It is a debasement of our common humanity”. According to John R. Miller, former US ambassador at large on modern day slavery, as many as 17,500 slaves may enter the United States every year. As elsewhere, contemporary American slaves work in brothels, massage parlors, and other sex businesses, or as domestic servants. The abolition of transatlantic slave trade last century made slavery illegal, yet it did not end it. Rather, it has evolved into human trafficking.

According to the head of America’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, Luis CdeBaca, it nets human traffickers, worldwide, about US$31 billion in profit a year. An anti-trafficking organisation, the Polaris Project, calls it “fastest growing criminal industry in the world”. And it is this, rather than glass ceilings or “reproductive rights”, or flexible working hours, which must be the biggest feminist issue of our time. Miller says: “Sex servitude — of which 80 percent are women or girls — is one of the largest discrete category of trafficked humans”. In fact, one of the major drivers of the flow of women and children slaves from underdeveloped countries to developed countries is the increasing demand for commercial sex and pornography.

Legalised prostitution in Europe and the US is supposed to make it “safer” by keeping prostitutes off the streets and protecting them from exploitation by criminal gangs. Experiments such as the Dutch “red light district” or “tolerance zone” where prostitutes are concentrated and the granting of brothel licenses by Australia and Germany, however, have failed. On the contrary, they have aided the expansion of sex industry. But the West seems blind to the fact that permissive attitudes are fuelling modern slavery. Significantly, the State Department’s report this week had a few recommendations for decreasing human trafficking in the Netherlands – like continuing “anti-trafficking awareness initiatives aimed at educating clients of the commercial sex trade”.

Nothing at all about criminalising, or even discouraging, the sex trade. Sex workers are hard to recruit in prosperous welfare states, because it is a shameful profession and because there is always an alternative. A 2008 poll in the UK showed that it was young people who were the most opposed to prostitution – 64 percent of youths said that paying for sex was “unacceptable” and 69 percent believed that selling sex was “unacceptable”. About 60 percent would have felt ashamed if they found out a family member was working as a prostitute.

One fortunate consequence of Europe’s generous social welfare system is that it helps to keep women out of prostitution As a result, the sex industry looks overseas. According to the US State Department, millions of people are trafficked yearly across European borders.

In Amsterdam, Netherlands, 80 percent of prostitutes are foreigners, and 70 percent have no immigration papers, suggesting that they were trafficked. Contrary to what most people in Europe and the US read in their media, Africa is not a hell-hole. However, poverty and insecurity often encourage many Africans to migrate to Europe. Traffickers exploit this desire.

In Nigeria, there are appalling cases. The southeastern city of Edo has the highest number of girls working as prostitutes in Europe. A survey a few years ago found that one in three young women in Edo had received offers to go to Europe. An estimated 20,000 Nigerian women are working as prostitutes in Italy and almost all of them come from Edo. Some of them prosper and build mansions back in their villages. To stem the tide, European countries impose stringent visa requirements, but these are circumvented by traffickers with the connivance of corrupt government officials.

Criminal syndicates obtain false papers for flights to Europe or border permits for land trips. The land trips are often harrowing. A Guinean official told an anti-trafficking website that agents usually take the girls to Guinea via the Republic of Mali where false Guinean passports are procured for them using fictitious names. The girls are then returned to Mali where they are sold to other syndicates that transport them through long and torturous land routes.

They travel by foot and by car; through Morocco, through Gibraltar, through Spain and then to Italy or other European countries. Upon arrival, the traffickers confiscate the girls’ papers for “safekeeping” until they pay back fictitious “travel expenses” which often run into hundred of thousand of dollars. The slaves are thus bound for years, toiling to pay these debts. Not knowing anyone, and having no papers, they have no choice. They cannot find legitimate work and in a strange country without language skills they cannot escape.

There are even latter-day Timbuktus where buyers haggle over human flesh. Nazir Afzal, of the Crown Prosecution Service told the BBC in 2006: ” We are now seeing ‘slave auctions’ being held in public places at airports where brothel keepers are bidding for women destined for prostitution.” One took place outside a coffee shop at Gatwick Airport, and others at Heathrow and Stansted. Intimidation and violence are common.

The traffickers make the girls take oaths on pain of death. One slave rescued by anti-trafficking agencies said: “They promised me a job as a waitress, but when I arrived here they forced me to work as a prostitute. They told me I owed them a lot of money for my trip, and they took my passport and said they would hurt my family back home if I did not do what they wanted.” If traffickers suspect that a slave is trying to escape they may kill her. In the early 1990s, the number of foreign women murdered in Italy – mainly Albanians and Nigerians – accounted for 6 percent of all murders. Since then, the figure has risen as high as 23 percent. Sex-slave trafficking in Africa is a difficult to fight because its impoverished victims want to go abroad for a better life — though normally not as a prostitute. In addition, most of them are afraid of testifying in court against their traffickers for fear of reprisals against relatives back home.

That is why the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and other related Matters, an anti-trafficking agency based in the Nigerian capital Abuja, wants a comprehensive witness protection law. Slavery is a difficult issue to solve, but the rise of 21st century slavery is partly due to Western attitudes towards sexual morality. Progressive social legislation accepts rather than challenges prostitution. Europe and the US need a new Wilberforce to convince people that private vice has public consequences. Only then will women slaves be able to shake off the shackles of their degradation.

– Chinwuba Iyizoba

How to Protect Children from Pornography by Sharon Slater

30 07 2013

protect children from porn

Easy access to pornography through the Internet is a growing cancer infecting societies around the world. Pornography destroys marriages, undermines family values and contributes to the early sexualization of children, among other harms. Read the rest of this entry »

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