Peer pressure: The Caving of Miley Cyrus

12 08 2019

By Chinwuba Iyizoba

The corruption of the best is said to be the worst. This is evident in the case of Miley Cyrus, a once adorable chastely dressed girl who attended church on a regular basis and wore a purity ring as a child.
She became a teen idol with millions of fans when she was 11 because of her role in the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana.
She went from success to success, winning Golden Globes and being named the fourth best-selling female artist in 2009. Millions of copies of her Hannah Montana soundtrack were sold. She had her first taste of success when she performed for Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the British Royal Family at the Royal Variety Performance in Blackpool, Lancashire.
Unfortunately, things went south in 2010. Her film “The Last Song,” based on Nicholas Sparks’ novel, performed poorly, and her studio album that same year was a commercial flop.
She fired her old manager and hired a new one who advised her to take a wrecking ball to her decent girl image, blaming her string of failures on her unsexy image.
She took the advice and evolved from a wholesome woman to the highly sexualized woman we see today.
She told her transformation story in a video interview in 2014.
“It was always there.” Miley is boring, boring, boring, she said, revealing the unrelenting peer pressure that modern celebrities face.
She didn’t need much convincing; she enjoyed being a celebrity, and if going bare will keep her there, so be it!

Against her mother’s advice, she abandoned her proper attire in favor of naked profanity. Her 2013 album “Wrecking Ball” featured a naked girl swinging on a wrecking ball. It received over nineteen million views on its first day of release and became the first single to top the US Hot 100 chart, selling over two million copies.
Fame and power–honey she had once tasted and loved–returned in torrents to her tongue. She is now estimated to be worth around $200 million.
In the same video, her mother stated that while she does not agree with everything Miley does, “we must understand that we are dealing with a 21 yro girl, and this is what 21 yr olds do, Miley is just doing hers in front of the world.”
However, private matters should be kept private.
True, parents should give their adult children the freedom to live their lives, but they should never abandon their responsibility to correct them when they make mistakes, especially if they result from peer pressure.

Public nakedness is inappropriate because it can elicit either extreme revulsion or extreme attraction; the same parts of the body that attract sexually are also repulsive during excretion. That is why decent people prefer to be naked only in private and in front of people they trust. Exposed private parts can arouse lust or derision in strangers. Lust is the more dangerous of the two.
Lust is a craving force that can lead to criminal acts such as rape and murder. When abused, sex has a devastating effect on society. “Someone who abuses sex may easily populate a whole village,” writes C.S Lewis.

It is therefore common sense to control and moderate this power through appropriate attire. Dressing modestly means living charitably with others because it is charity to avoid arousing lust or revulsion in others. Unfortunately, the modern entertainment industry is only concerned with making money.
If they want money, power, and fame, today’s showbiz stars must dance naked in front of a camera crew. It is an echo of the ancient serpentine offer, “I will give thee all the kingdoms of the world.” If you kneel and worship me.” Although Jesus declined the offer, many celebrities are eagerly accepting it.

Yet, as the Bible says, “the canal cannot see God.” Miley regularly wears devil horns on stage and continues to devolve into vicious license, and things are quickly going dark for her.
She is incapable of a faithful lifelong love because she is a sex slave and selfish. After only 8 months of marriage, she left her husband, Liam Hemsworth, for a lesbian.
She is now a fervent supporter of every sexual outcast. She is bent on sexualizing her teen followers, and she is a strong supporter of abortion and infanticide. She recently posted a picture on Instagram of her serpent tongue on an abortion cake.
Her addicted fans adore her and, like puppets, imitate her excesses to their own detriment.
Miley Cyrus performs a pornographic dance atop the chaste grave. On the other hand, Hanna Montana and her unscrupulous collaborators should be aware that what they are doing has a huge and devastating cost.
According to researcher Patrick Fagan Ph.D., internet pornography is killing families and is the cause of half of the divorces, with over 40 million addicts in the United States alone.
Porn addiction is linked to rape and other sex crimes, just as drug addiction has a strong tendency to violence to satisfy cravings. According to FBI statistics, pornography can be found at 80 percent of violent sex crime scenes or in the homes of the perpetrators.”
A large proportion of Miley’s 44 million Facebook followers are teen boys who struggle in school due to problems with problem-solving, reasoning, and comprehension abilities, all of which are required for academic success.
These are real costs that ordinary people, parents, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, must bear. They would be wise to monitor the type of social media content their children consume in order to protect their homes and children from these disruptive influences.
However, it is important to remember that Jesus did not come to save the righteous but sinners. The corrupted can be purified to shine brighter than diamonds through more energetic supernatural means of prayer and fasting. Let us not abandon this soul to her wantonness due to a lack of prayer and fasting.

Chinwuba Iyizoba is the Editor of Authors-choice.



17 responses

21 08 2019
Idowu Adesokan

Bravo my brother

21 08 2019
Evary Chama

Powerful 💪💪

21 08 2019

Evary Chama thanks, glad you liked it

21 08 2019
Temsü Lemtur

I don’t understand why people are so crazy her or other celebrities…

21 08 2019

Temsü Lemtur yes, it is a form of madness. If you notice the mad people on the street walking around naked, and quickly get rid of any article of clothing kind passerby give them. Many celebrities are depressed, which is a mild form of madness, fopr them there is no sleep, tension to succeed, to impress, to be a star eventual wreck them, no rest, that’s why most of their lives end tragically. Remember Micheal Jackson. His every day life was the fantasy of every teen. Yet he died of propofol overdose, which a strong sedative used as anesthesia during surgery. Jackson was injecting it daily because he could not sleep, a sad and broken man

21 08 2019
Mariama Bilkish

Cloud Cobby those people are not ordinary people

21 08 2019

YouChoose Mariama Bilkish yes, they are not ordinary people, something else have taken over their souls, some people call this “something” “diabolo” which is an ancient name for the demonic.Studies show that there is an increased demonic possessions in the world today because of nudity and carnality. It is even written in the Holy writ that “the carnal cannot see God” the devil knows it and has capitalized on it, promoting nudity and pornography everywhere, on TV, social media site, youtube. And yet the greatest trick the devil played is to convince the world that he does not exit and he has no hands in all the perverse nudity going on, that’s why he is called the father of lies.

16 08 2019
Neptune Redwood

Yes you are right.. Hate equally

16 08 2019

Neptune Redwood, the article isn’t about hate, but about pointing out to young people the reasons behind the precepts of decency, and the what agenda drives those who transgress especially if they are famous showbiz persona, I believe this will help young people make proper decision in their own lives and not fall prey to deception.

16 08 2019
Cloud Cobby

You must be living in the dark..
You forgot Nicky Minaj and the rest and went straight ahead to Miley.
You must hate her so much,don’t you?😤😤😤😤😤😤

16 08 2019

Thanks for writing in Cloudy Cobby, no I didn’t forget Nicky Minaj, but her story is different. Her father was a violent alcohol addict who burnt down his own children’s home when they were little. Nicky and her siblings had to scrounge to feed, were forced to live with granny, and live was very hard. Thus, she is an understandably very angry young woman because of all that happened, and perhaps she is just rebelling against her parent’s failings with her devious public nudity. Miley had a great childhood and made tons of money as a decent Hannah Montana, and thus her later corruption is shamelessly blameworthy.😀

13 08 2019
Kasali Yandaba

I know many people ready to sell themselves to the devil, but the devil wasn’t interested

13 08 2019
Christoper Ibejeani

If peer pressure is the theme of this article, you didn’t make a case for it. Peer is by definition mates, colleagues, or someone equal. Miley’s case is more akin to blackmail, complicit or in-complicit, she wanted money, to maintain a level of success she was already used to when she was as young as 11yr old, and perhaps that led her to desperation, and just like any call-girl, to sell what she has (her dignity) to get back at the top. My conclusion’s is that she’s just a very ambitious young woman, furiously in love with herself, ready to break every moral code to break every moral code to remain on top. She is credited with inventing the so called “twerk” dance, a most shameless, debased dance that can make the most debased sex criminal blush, unfit for civilized society, yet its the new craze at parties and dance clubs, and mindless girls without shame.

13 08 2019

Thanks for writing in Christopher. Peer pressure can be indirect,a kind of social modeling. For instance if group of highly successful show biz personalities engage in nudity and obscenities and rather than be ostracized for immorality, they awarded golden globs and Oscars, this is way of saying public nudity is cool, everyone is doing it, and if you want to join thw big boys, you’ll have to do it. Perhaps this is the most dangerous type of peer pressure that leads millions of young and impressionable teens astray

13 08 2019

A case in point was the recent Grammy won by Cardi B, just after a video was released of her talking about how she drugs men and take their money when she was working as a stripper. Even when this video went viral, did the grammy organization withdraw the award out of embarrassments, the answer is no. They looked the other way, sending subtle messages to youths that such behavior is no big deal. This is indirect pressure on young people to ditch trying to be good and do whatever it takes to get to the top

13 08 2019
Daniala Ntufo

Poor girl, so sorry she caved into like that. Showbiz destroyed many people, remember how it destroyed Micheal Jackson

13 08 2019
Amina Saleh

The love of money is the root of all evil. I know quite a few superstars who give it all up rather than be corrupted, it’s all about being firm in your convictions

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