Who Wants African Teens Having More Intercourse?

9 06 2019

by Chinwuba Iyizoba

African teens web

Over 4 million candidates for the West African Senior School Certificate and General Certificate Examinations (GCE) English literature are required to read a novel called “Faceless”, about a 10yro girl, molested and killed by a pedophile.

Set in suburban Ghana, in 2000, the novel by a Ghanaian female writer, Amma Darko, races through harsh, frightful and sometimes out-rightly disgusting deviant sexual crimes against minors.

With adult themes about sex, orgasm, rape, breasts, incest, prostitution, condoms, pedophilia, the novel reads like a play of soft pornography.

One wonders why such should be required reading for school teens. Why aren’t we encouraging our youngsters to read great literary works that stimulate their creativity and innovation, that inspire them to hard work, that furnish them with proper reasons to shun corruption and that helps them embrace sexual discipline?

Books on pedophilia, rape, murder, incest on the other hand cause harm.

According to psychologist, Carolyn Ross, “Just as we read specific books and show educational movies to our children in hopes that they learn lessons from the characters… boys who were exposed to sexually explicit media were three times more likely to engage in oral sex and intercourse two years after exposure than non-exposed boys. Young girls exposed to sexual content in the media were twice as likely to engage in oral sex and one and half times more likely to have intercourse.”

So, who wants African school teens having intercourse? 

The answer is Planned Parenthood.  By far the worst organization in every country they operate, they make money by providing abortion services. They are interested in teens having sex because the highest demand for abortion come from people who have sex when they aren’t ready for babies, and teens are by far the largest group in the world not ready to have babies.

In the US where they have aggressively invaded schools. Family Watch, a US family advocacy group issued a warning to parents everywhere: Investigate what Planned Parenthood is doing in your country and in your state, and especially in your children’s schools.

A group of high school parents in the Iowa were surprised and upset when they learned Planned Parenthood was teaching sex education to their teens in the district’s schools. You can read what they discovered here ~it is frightening

Anglican Mainstream, a family online magazine, alerted parents to cross check their teen’s school books warning parents of Planned Parenthood’s agenda to sexualize their children. “Sex education is a major Planned Parenthood marketing tool for their contraceptive/abortion business. Sex education is how they groom children in order to generate paying customers for “services” provided in their 65,000 service points in over 170 countries,”

Entering African schools Faceless

Like snakes, they have slithered into African schools undetected, and parents are none the wiser. They have bribed school administrators, education boards to introduce compulsory reading texts like “Faceless” that innocuously encourages early sexually activity among teens.

In the novel, the main character, Kabria, a mother of three, catches her teen daughter hiding some pamphlet of Planned Parenthood under her pillow. Having only a vague idea what the organization did, she sneaked back later to read the pamphlet and was “delighted” that they (Planned Parenthood) provides guidance and counseling for teens on how to avoid unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. 

This is the kind of false and misleading information Planned Parenthood uses deceive, and carry out its nefarious acts.

 Population control

They aren’t only promoting lurid books to minors; they also promote population control especially among black people. Indeed, pro-life advocates have consistently argued that blacks have been specifically targeted by the abortion industry. After all, in 1939, Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, stated her desire to “exterminate the Negro population.”

All along the novel are hints and subtle hues of massages that preach population control. In one scene, two fat women were gossiping about marital troubles, one of them bemoaned her pregnancy and blamed her husband who stubbornly refused to use condoms and hence their six children instead of the three she had originally intended to have.

These women have been brainwashed by Planned Parenthood radio and television broadcasts. Melinda Gates, was even quoted as saying that the great unmet needs of African women are birth control and condoms.

Over Population is a Myth


Yet numerous studies show that the real reason for poverty in Africa is corrupt rulers, not a lack of birth control. (Source author-choice) 

Majority of Africans greatly value children. They know that in a society like theirs, where no government sponsored social security programs exists, children are their best investment for the future and the more the better

To think that millions of African boys and girls from Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Mauritania, the Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo, as well as the United Kingdom Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan are required to read this novel, cover to cover, soak it up and master it to pass their exam is heart breaking.

Reading has made many Saints, but also many demons. Good books, especially novels with virtues, clean and classy themes have great potentials of forming the minds of young African towards virtues, while vicious books and novel lurid in contents not only corrupt their minds but cause poor academic performance.

The compulsory reading of this book isn’t by accident; Plan Parenthood wants to catch them young, when they are most vulnerable. West African parents should wake up and reject this willful corruption of children dressed up as literature.


by Chinwuba Iyizoba








11 responses

11 06 2019
Tarela Collinus

very interesting

11 06 2019

I know, sex is always interesting, especially to teens, that’s why it’s often so easily misused to exploit

11 06 2019
Tarela Collinus

Wow dat Ghanaian novel dat made me cry

11 06 2019

Tarela Collinus, there is more to that novel than meets the eye, that what’s the article is🥴🥴 talking about

11 06 2019
Song Miles

Your article would have been 100% good if not for your blanket criticism of sex education. You are implying that all sex education is bad, but you’re totally wrong about that.

11 06 2019

Thanks for your comment Song Miles, but this article makes no claim that sex education is wrong, rather this article is only trying to alert parents to the hidden agenda of those who claim they are providing sex education to their minors and teens, not only in African but all over the world. These so called teachers are deviously using sex education to pervert and take advantage of their minors. They abuse their powers as teachers to corrupt children for monetary gains. This can easily happen whenever sex education is taught by people whose motives are less than honorable. I recently received an email from a young girl who went to foster-care-giver to clear her confusion about sex and about her sexuality and the man ended up having sex with her.

The question is who can parent trust to discuss with their minors and teen about their sexuality without the inherent danger of taking advantage of them? There are very few candidates more qualified for this job than the parents themselves. Parents must stop shying away from talking to their children about sex, if they don’t talk to their minors, someone else will and the consequences are very clear. It is important for mother to tell their teen daughter as early as possible how babies are made and Father their son. I must say tell you it is not easy and so many parents, especially if they aren’t friendly with their children, find this conversation impossible. Yet it is all too important. Parents who, like an ostrich, hide their head in the hole in the ground, wishing away their responsibility, hoping that someone else will sex educate their children for them will get what they wish, but may not like it. Then they would only wish they had had that conversation with their teen earlier, they would wish they had been the one to teach them their own experiences good or bad so they might imitate or avoid them. They would wish they had set the record straight initially about their FAMILY VALUES concerning sex. These conversations between parent and children are hard but much needed today in our sex charged environment. Parent should know that at age 13 most children already are sexually exposed, even in a bad way, so no need to be shy.

10 06 2019
Theresa Nke

Is the author of the book, Amma darko working for planned parenthood, I mean are they paying her

10 06 2019
Mike Ekwutosi

We parents must say “No!” to this rubbish. Who is minister for Education?

10 06 2019

Isn’t this the same organization accused of selling body parts of aborted babies ?

10 06 2019

Yes it , same one, it’s a criminal organization that wrecks children, an undercover journalist exposed Planned parenthood body parts sales some years ago https://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2019/january/federal-court-condemns-planned-parenthood-with-big-ruling-in-aborted-baby-body-parts-case

10 06 2019

OMG, Wait, I never knew the was going on, my daughter is doing the GCE literature

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