Managing Marriage, love and relationships by Fr. Mike Schmitz 

18 05 2017

He was getting ready to marry a beautiful woman,  but God spoke and Fr Mike Schmitz gave himself to God. He is more than qualified to tell us a thing or two  about marriage, love and relationships 



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29 08 2020

Thanks for this

30 11 2018

You speak so fast. Can you speak more slowly. Just like Dominic. Please.

29 08 2020
William Koch

Maybe I can teach you some things about marriage. I am 80 years old and had a perfect marriage for 56 years until God decided He wanted her back with Him four years ago. I wrote this poem on marriage for my 3 grandchildren who got married in the past 4 years:

Grandpa And Grandma Speak On Marriage’s Golden Rules

Well now you’ve gone and done it, you’re married at last,
Two hearts looking forward, and giving up your past.
Now grandpa and grandma with love want to give,
Our secrets to being happy in the life that you’ll live.

Always do for your partner before thinking of you,
Tell each other I love you before each day is through.
Love is sharing and giving, becoming best friends is a must,
Make each day a great day with the sweetheart you trust.

Do these simple things and do them with love,
And God will be watching with grandma above.
When He looks down upon you, there’ll be a smile on His face,
As He talks of your marriage, and sends down His grace.

So keep it all going, and your love let’s everyone know.
How you care for each other, and love continues to grow.
Always keep thinking, “You do unto me and I’ll do unto you”.
Make this be your promise, and your dreams will come true.

Dreams of the family you’ll soon start to raise.
Teach them these secrets, as God shows you His praise.
Fifty years passes quickly as love grows much stronger
Still holding hands as you walk and talk a little longer.

So remember grandpa and grandma, and how we did it all well,
We know you can outdo us, and have your own stories to tell.

Here is an article that also gives the secrets to a hppy marriage:

Now, our word for today from the Word of God comes from Proverbs 31. I have often talked with my daughter or my wife about that Proverbs 31 woman; the greatest description probably in all the Bible of what a woman can be at her womanliest. Is that a word? Well, it is now. And it says some of these things about her, “She has noble character, she is worth far more than rubies, her children rise up and call her blessed.” And then it tells us that her husband is respected at the city gate where he takes his seat among the leaders of the land. What a tremendous description! I mean any woman would like to be worth far more than rubies and have her children call her blessed, and be of noble character.

Well, one of her secrets is given in this chapter; the secret of a woman who has healthy relationships with men, who brings out the best in the men in her life. And it’s summed up in these words, Proverbs 31:11 – “Her husband has full confidence in her and lacks nothing of value.” I’m going to put that in other words. Her man feels safe with her.

See, men are usually evaluated in our world on the basis of how they perform, their athletic prowess, everybody loves them if they do well, or their macho image, or they’re always under control, or they’re successful in their career. And most men just continue this performance kind of love right into their relationships with women until a loving, affirming woman lets him know he does not have to perform for her. He does not have to impress her. He’s safe with her. He can share his secrets and know they will never be violated. He can be weak around her. He can be frustrated. He can be scared.

Every man needs a woman who will love the little boy inside him. See, the man is very self-assured outside, but so self-conscious on the inside. He doesn’t need a woman who’s a critic, or a nag, or a predator, or a competitor. Men are very lonely people, because most of their relationships are only on the surface. But God raises up a special breed of women who are able to give a man a harbor; a mother who makes her son feel safe; a wife who makes her husband feel safe; a teacher that makes the boy in her class feel safe; the woman who is not hunting men or chasing men or using men, but who wants to minister acceptance and security to the men in her world. She is, according to Proverbs 31, “a woman who fears the Lord.”

See, she’s brought her needs to the Lord. She feels safe. So she can gently, consistently provide the safe harbor that a man so desperately needs. That kind of woman a man can call on any time and she will bring out his best. And, you know, this is the kind of woman that Jesus creates when a woman brings her heart to Him. He makes a woman feel safe. He gives a woman love without strings; never-leave-you love. If He was ever going to leave you, He would have when He was dying on the cross for your sin. Most of those who stuck by Jesus when He was dying were women, because they found in Him a love that a woman’s heart longs for. No conditions; no end to it. He can give you supernatural love, transforming love.

If you’ve never experienced the love of Jesus for yourself, you want to get started in a relationship with Him, would you go to our website and find out how to do that?

When you belong to Jesus, He plants in you His supernatural, transforming love because you know now what it is to be eternally loved by God.

Men and women are different. Now that is not exactly news worth tuning in for, but now trying to understand those differences, now we could talk about that for a long time. For example, one of those differences shows up when my wife and I are driving long distances across this country. I can sum up the difference pretty succinctly. She wants to stop and see things; I want to get there! My honey sees signs for an interesting attraction or the kind of store she likes and she suggests we stop and check it out. Not me. Hey, we have a destination to get to girl! Who wants to waste time along the way? Guy-think!

I’m Ron Hutchcraft and I want to have A Word With You today about “How to Make a Woman Feel Loved.”

It took me a little while being married before I got it figured out, but I know what is the number one way to make most women feel loved. Listen to her – not just her words, but her heart. I made a promise at my wedding that God’s voice would always be the most important in heaven and my wife’s voice the most important on earth. Easy to say. Harder to do, especially with so many voices to listen to in my life. But the woman who’s trusted her life to me ought to be the most important voice in my life.

Many of us are familiar with God’s challenging instructions to husbands in Ephesians 5:25, which happens to be our word for today from the Word of God. “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave Himself up for her.” That’s an incredibly high standard for us, men. Love with the same kind of self-sacrificing love that Jesus showed for us when He laid down His life for us.

Now, if that meant sacrificing our life physically to save our wife’s life, I think most of us would probably do that. But the kind of sacrifice this turns out to be is the daily sacrifice of putting our needs and our agenda on hold to focus on hers. And we’ll never know what she needs or wants, or why she’s hurting, if we don’t take time to listen. And time is probably what you have the least of. That’s why taking time to listen is where Christlike love begins in a marriage.

Because (and now I’m asking for it) women often take considerably longer than men to say it! Men are saying, “Amen!” Women are saying, “So what?” Now we’re back to how my wife and I do a trip. I just want the bottom line – getting to the destination as soon as possible. That’s how men like to communicate – get to the point.

My wife, like most women, wants to enjoy the process; explore what’s between here and the destination. Women are wired by God to care about the details, many of which a man would blow right by and sometimes miss something very important.

When a woman is telling a story, bringing in what seem like tangents, including a lot of detail, a man’s “destination brain” is saying, “Where is this going?” A woman’s heart, which believes the journey is important, not just the bottom line, wants you to love her enough to go on the journey with her – to see the things between here and the destination. Many times if a woman jumped to the bottom line like we want her to, we would jump to all kinds of wrong conclusions because we didn’t take the time to understand how she got there. A quick word to the ladies: it shows love on your part whenever you can fast-forward to the bottom line.

So, to some guy who’s tuned in today, do you love her enough to make the sacrifices to listen to her with loving patience? That’s love in the language of the woman you love. It’s the Jesus-way of loving – sacrificing the way you’d like it to be to benefit someone you love. It’s more than listening. It’s opening your heart to her heart.

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