Prison Warder Transforms Killers To Gentlemen

27 01 2017


Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola is a prison with a difference. Run by a Christian warder, Nathan Burl Cain, this prison transforms killers to gentlemen. Here, murderers and vicious men are transformed into family men who love their children. The Warder said that when he first came, there was blood everywhere, gang’s crimes and murders. Not knowing where to begin, he decided to introduce them men to God, seeking in religion the needed moral strength to overcome hopelessness. It worked. He used the concept of WORK and PRAYER to convert these criminal to decent human beings. This is a testimony that anyone can change for the better. It is an excellent tool to teach humanity about redemption and to show the skeptics that people can change and given the right environments and nurturing. 6,000 men currently imprisoned at Angola




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