Why I Wish To Wait Till Marriage before Losing My Virginity by Angela Oyoh

23 01 2016


I wish to wait

A friend of mine caught an awful sexually transmitted disease recently.  She suspects a boy she had sex with after a Friday night party even though they had used a condom. She is on medication and itches a lot. She also complains a lot of a burning pressure in her abdomen and some stinking virginal discharges. I do not know if her disease is curable, but she had had it for a while now and does not seem to be getting any better.

Another friend got pregnant accidentally. She was far too young to be a mother and it devastated her. I watched helplessly as her situation stalled and redirected the course of her young life.

Another girl had an abortion and has never been the same. The laughter and joy that used to shine in her eyes has vanished.  She is pretending she is well but I sometimes see how inconsolably guilty she feels when I look her in the eye.

Another friend who gave herself up fully to having sex with her boyfriend was destroyed beyond repair when the guy turned out to be a shallow jackass.

Another is trapped in a doomed relationship fast past its expiry date– holding her back from moving on and growing, just because of the addiction to the sex they are having. She has said to me a thousand times, “I really wish I hadn’t slept with him”.

This is why I opt to wait till marriage before I have sex. I wish to be spared all these pains; I hope I will never have to endure what my friends are going through.  I want to be immune to them, above them, outside of their reach.



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