Colorado Spring Shooting:  Killing the Innocent  

28 11 2015


The Christian creed teaches that life is an absolute good. While all murder is wrong, the killing of an innocent is especially abominable and can never be justified, be he in his mother’s womb or inside an abortion clinic.  The murder of people, including a  police officer, Friday in Planned Parenthood office in Colorado Spring, Colorado is abhorrent. Yet, according to WHO, every year in the world there are an estimated 40-50 million abortions for which Planned Parenthood is directly or indirectly responsible.  Worse still Planned Parenthood officials have been caught on  camera selling baby parts procured from abortions. Shocking! Still we must await the courts and the proper authorities to call them to account and not take laws into our hands. All must exercise prudence and  and condemn the killing of innocents and show respect for living even while we honor the dead. For two wrongs can never make a right.



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