Can Big Media Destroy Ben Carson?

20 11 2015

In the last few weeks you and I have witnessed the most vicious, dishonest attacks ever unleashed by the leftwing news media against a political candidate.

Make no mistake, this was a well-planned, cold and calculating attempt to drive Ben Carson from the race to the White House.
It is a coordinated media effort to drive the one person who is sure to defeat Hillary Clinton out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination.

It was all lies, but the media was sure that if they struck fast enough, told lies that were big enough, and broadcast their attack broad enough, Ben Carson would fold. He would walk away with his tail between his legs.

Ben Carson has fought back against this attack on his character, his integrity, and his trustworthiness with a powerful weapon—the truth.

That’s why we must stand with him!

Even as the media continues to promote their dishonest narrative although the facts have come out.

Ben Carson said that he was verbally offered a scholarship to West Point.
The media said that has to be a lie because West Point does not offer scholarships.


It turns out West Point has run ads talking about a full paid scholarship to West Point like the one shown below.

ben 2
The words in the red box say…

“Each year about 1200 men and women take advantage of the opportunity to attend West Point on a full government scholarship which includes tuition, room and board, medical and dental care, and an annual salary.”
The media said Ben Carson claimed he had applied to West Point.


In the same book where Ben Carson talks about the verbal offer he received from General William Westmoreland to go to West Point, Ben Carson states flatly that he declined the offer and that the only school he applied to was Yale because he only had enough money to apply to one school.

What about the weird charge that Ben Carson made up the stories about his violent temper in his youth, especially the story of Ben attempting to stab another boy and then asking God to take away his temper.

That event has now been verified by a May 11, 1997 issue of Parade Magazine in which Sonya Carson, Ben’s mother, tells the interviewer about that particular episode and about young Ben Carson’s temper. The cover for that issue of Parade Magazine is shown below.

ben 3
Then there was the lie that Ben Carson made up the story of attending a Yale University psychology seminar where the professor said all the tests had burned up and now the students needed to take a
new, much harder test.

Carson said he stayed and took the test even though the other students walked out. When he became the only one in the room, the professor confessed that it was an experiment to see who was the most honest student in the room. That was, of course, the last student, Ben Carson.

Politico and others said this was a lie, but it turns out that the story of that event was published in the Yale University student newspaper.

So, the attacks on the character of Ben Carson were lies, all lies.

And, the news media apologized, right?

Of course not, the liberal media never apologizes.

Instead, they doubled down on their lies and are still promoting them today.

That’s why your approval to place your name on this Letter of Support for Ben Carson is so very important.

Don’t let the corrupt media tarnish the reputation of this great man!

Ben Carson is not only ahead in the national polls, he is also now ahead in Iowa, South Carolina, Tennessee and Michigan.

And, he is picking up momentum each day.

Ben Carson is not the Republican candidate for president, he’s certainly not the Democrat’s candidate for president, he’s the American candidate for president. Ben Carson is the one man who will not compromise his integrity or his principles for political reasons.

And, the candidacy of Ben Carson scares the bejeebers out of the Democrats.

Polls show that unlike any other Republican contender for the GOP nomination, Ben Carson beats Hillary Clinton by 10 points!

In other words, Ben Carson would win the White House in a landslide.

So please don’t let the lies and distortions of the news media stand.

Courtesy of NationBuilder,



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