Story of Mother and Her blind Child Will Make You Cry: Lacey Buchanan Story

17 11 2015


When Lacey and her boyfriend fell in love and got married, little did they know what life had stockpiled for them.  A few days after she discovered she was pregnant, doctors told her something was wrong with the child. They said her boy would be born blind and advised her to abort, since the quality of life for this child would be very low. Lacey and her husband thought otherwise and decided to keep their baby. What Lacey and her husband found hardest were people scoffing at them, calling them wicked for not aborting the child.

Every life is precious and Lacey and her husband courageously decided to accept the ugliness that came unsolicited with this new life. They tried to see beauty behind the mask. They preferred courage over cowardly self interest. It would have been too easy to get rid of the child and get on with their lives rather they chose to give up their lives that the blind boy may live. They opted to be eyes for this child. That courage, that heroism is living proof of true married love.

Real-life always tells a different story. Things don’t turn out the way we want then; bad things happen. Indeed, failure is built into the very structure of life itself because everything comes to an end, everyone dies, even the rich. Why then are so many so anxious to get rid of everything that is imperfect in their lives; be it a husband, wife relative or a child that is blind? Why abort an imperfect child when you are living in an imperfect world? Some would do it because they can’t stand being laughed at. Those afraid of failure, scared of suffering derision, ready to spend everything to keep all that is unpleasant from their lives suffer even more. Sooner or later, the unstoppable law of ageing and decay sets in on them. Their own bodies’ breakdown and the wrinkled hands of death clutch at their throats.

Pro-life advocates and other well meaning people are raising money for Lacey’s little boy to have the surgery he needs. This video has been seen by more than 20million people making Lacey and her husband stars whose actions are an indictment of all those who have killed their unborn children for any reason. Time will tell who this little boy will grow up to be in future, but whoever he becomes, he will always be grateful to his parents for giving him a chance when no one else would.

Video of Lacey and her  child




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