Why Serena Lost and Djokovic Won : Between Lust And Love

12 09 2015

Serena William

Serena Williams stunned the world by losing to Roberta Vinci in the recent US Open semi final yesterday.  Roberta Vinci, a 32-year-old doubles specialist, ranked 43 in the world and rated a 300-1 chance by bookmakers to defeat Williams.

But Williams lethargic back-to-back double faults yesterday shocked the crowd and the world. Pundits speculating on why things turned out the way they did attributes it to her unstable sexual relationships.

The 34 year old Serena Williams has never been married and yet has affairs with several men. Her latest, with a younger man, got her family worried. Serena Williams’ friends and family have warned the tennis player to stay away from Drake, a rapper, as they fear he will leave her with “a broken heart.

In July, rumors of a relationship between Drake and Williams surfaced after the “Back to Back” rapper was spotted sitting courtside in Williams’ box throughout Wimbledon.

Serena and Drake have been on a slow burn for a few months now. is concerned that Drake is only after her to get another notch on his belt. But she’s throwing caution into the wind,” the source added.

Little wonder Serena was so distracted during the tournament and could not play her game. Perhaps, it is time for her to follow Novak Djokovic advice.

After winning the recently conclude Wimbledon tournament, Djokovic deliberately connected the dots between his family stability and his success.

“Ever since I got married and became a father, I haven’t lost many matches, I won many tournaments. I suggest that to every player, Get married, have kids, let’s enjoy this,” a beaming Djokovic said as he celebrated his first wedding anniversary by winning his third Wimbledon title. This, perhaps, is an advice, worth its weight in gold and Serena will do well to heed it.

Even the Washington post agrees that being married has a lot to do with economic success, and why not, success in tennis

Djokovic’s married life helps him keep focus on what is important here and now, while forgetting the past failures and his success is an indictment of other top players and media people who caricature marriage and having children as an impediment to success rather than an aid.



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