Hail Angela Merkel! She learnt her history lessons well

26 08 2015

Angela_Merkel_learnt her history lessons well

German Chancellor Angela Merkel faced down jeering anti-immigrant protesters Wednesday, saying her country has no tolerance for “shameful and repulsive” treatment of refugees seeking asylum there.

Merkel visited Heidenau, where neo-Nazi demonstrators hurled bottles and fireworks at police last weekend in an attempt to keep migrants from settling in the small town near Germany’s eastern border with the Czech Republic.

Several dozen people gathered outside a Heidenau refugee center as she arrived, with some booing and shouting, “Traitor, traitor!” and “We are the mob.”

But the German leader rebuked the protesters.

“I want to say once again, also in the face of what we unfortunately all had to experience here, that the humane and dignified treatment of every single person who comes to us is part of the self-image which represents Germany, and what we had to experience here is shameful and repulsive,” she said.

“We must put all of our efforts into making clear there is no tolerance for people who question the dignity of others,” Merkel said. “There is no tolerance for those who are not willing to help where legal and human help is required.”
Well done Merkel, a saint could not have put it better!

Source VOA



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