Culture of sex, drug, divorce and death: Kristina (Bobbi) Huston Brown Dies

27 07 2015


The Death of anyone diminishes me, but the death of the young Kritina Brown has shattered me. In January, in an almost bizarre replica of her mother’s death, Bobbi Kristina was found face down in a bathtub. She had suffered brain injury. She had everything money and fame could buy. Yet, what she wanted, perhaps, needed the most: her parent’s loving fidelity to one another for life in holy matrimony eluded her.

Her father, Bobbi Brown had a ruthless childhood growing up in Boston’s Orchard Park projects,  and at 17,  a recording deal with MCAA. A large part of his success was based on his live shows soaked in sex.

He had series of children with different women before finally meeting Kristina’s mother, Withney Housten in 1989. They got married in July 18, 1992. The marriage was a troubled one.

According to Chris Lee reporting for the, “What they did together, according to her testimony, included a nightmarish descent into hard-core drugs, fistfights and bizarro behavior by Brown, such as him spray painting “evil eyes” on the walls and carpets of their home and cutting the heads off all photographs of Houston.”

They divorced 2006

Six years later, Kristina’s mother, Whitney Houston would be found dead, face down in a bath tub, at the Beverly Hilton Hotel from cocaine over dose

Extramarital sex, drugs, divorce, all undermines the most basic institution of society: family and do incalculable harm to children. Yet you will still find a majority of people who regard them as integral to their long-term happiness.

Like every little child, Kristin wanted to be like mommy, she sang, she danced and was ready to follow her mother’s every step, even to death.  RIP Kristin! May your gentle soul rest in God, who is ever faithful even when we men and women are not.

Bobbi-Kristina-Brown (1)

Whitney and-Bobbi-1993



7 responses

2 08 2015
D'Erica Miller

She was so young😰

2 08 2015
Yolanda Elaine Tankersley

Lord keep this princess family in your grace bless the Houston and Brown 

2 08 2015
Dee Landeis

True. The dear girl was lost. I pray that she is completely restored in Heaven. She deserves that.

2 08 2015

Yes, Dee Landeis I believe she will. 

2 08 2015
Dee Landeis

It is very sad and sadly predictable. 

2 08 2015

Dee Landeis you are right, it was almost unavoidable. Wonder how we all make obvious mistakes. Guess man has some deep seated foolishness, only providence keeps him from the pit.

2 08 2015
John Sayers

Just a sad thing! 

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