Cars are useless! Help others with your riches: Eric Abidal tell footballers

9 06 2015


Barcelona defender Eric Abidal has revealed that his recent serious health issues have made him less pre-occupied with material possessions and more concerned with helping others.
The France international could feature in the Champions League final against Manchester United at Wembley just over two months after surgery to remove a tumour from his liver.
His recovery has progressed well and he was even able to make a cameo appearance against Real Madrid on their last European night.
But he claims the luxuries associated with professional football do not buy health nor do they offer any solace or comfort.

“When something happens to you as happened to me, then these cars are useless… it’s better to sell them and give money to associations and hospitals, use it to help children,” Abidal told the Telegraph.
And the children he saw in hospital have proven inspirational, but fears over his health still remain.
“I learned a lot from them. They gave me strength,” the 31-year-old said.



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