Love Will Find A Way

9 04 2015

Love Finds A Way

arab boy and girlThe Arabians tell the story of a young man and a young woman who were walking along on two different roads, going into town. At a certain point the two roads joined and became one, and so the lad and the girl walked along together. The boy was carrying a copper kettle on his back. In one hand he held a walking stick and a hen. With the other he led a goat

After a while the group came to a deep ravine. The girl stood still and said, “I’m not going down through that ravine with you.”

“Why not?” the boy wanted to know.

“If we did, you could hug me and kiss me,” said the girl.

“How could I ever hug and kiss you? I’ve got a copper kettle on my back, I am holding a goat with one hand, and in the other I have a walking stick and a hen.”

But suspicious of his intentions, the girl said, “But you could let me hold the goat. Then you could drive the stick into the ground, and cover the hen with the kettle. And then you could get to hug and kiss me.”

The boy just looked admiringly at the beautiful girl and then finally said, “Allah be praised for your wisdom.”



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