The Color of Love: Ezinma & Adam Igban-Nkwu 3 Jan 2015

13 01 2015

Ezimma 1_Page_1Ezimma 1_Page_3Ezimma 1_Page_2


Ezimma 1_Page_3Ezinnma2_Page_2Ezinnma2_Page_3Ezinnma2_Page_1Ezinnma2_Page_4Ezinnma2_Page_5Ezinnma2_Page_6
Ezinnma 3_Page_1Ezinnma 3_Page_1Ezinnma 3_Page_3Ezinnma 3_Page_2Ezinnma 3_Page_4ezinnma 4_Page_1ezinnma 4_Page_2ezinnma 4_Page_3ezinnma 4_Page_4ezinnma 4_Page_4ezInmaa_Page_1ezInmaa_Page_2ezInmaa_Page_3




2 responses

13 01 2015

Thank you for giving us another image of Africa…my Africa.

13 01 2015

You are welcome Gretiana, happy you enjoyed the pictures. Yes, Africa filled with colors when her children rejoices. Then our women shine like diadems dancing in the sun

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