Super model apologizes for indecent dress and covers up on stage: Cameron Russell

18 10 2014

This video is worth 2o minutes of your time.  

Super Model, Cameron Russel walked up stage, apologizes for the dress she is wearing, covers up on stage and says,”Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I am a model” Please share it with your daughter, sister or friend who is dying to be like the girls on the glossy mag



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21 10 2014
Art Pagsanghan

But there’s one who is beautiful from the inside and out. Google St. Bernadette. Looking at her is enough experiencing serenity of the soul.

21 10 2014

I like the way you put it, William Mora, “she appears to have a
conscience.’ that is the glaring deficiency of modern man. Fed by lies
from media, we…at least many..have lost the basic ability to discern
truth from falsehood. This young woman had the courage to follow her
conscience and tell the truth. I really wish many learn from her. Not
all that glitters is gold, the saying goes. I read more about her
myself and I think as soon as the video went viral, she found another
job.. something less revealing and more intellectual. She is now an
editor of a magazine that is doing well.

21 10 2014
William Mora

She did a good job of explaining that the talent she has is genetic, and in doing so, she calls it winning the genetic lottery. This is humble of her. She admits that her education in modeling is lacking and that should be something to look at when young folks are thinking about being a model. She was honest and as I stated humble. I tried to find out more about her however I could not. She appears to have a conscience and it may be signs of God pursuing her……as God does pursue all…

21 10 2014
Mary Beth Remisoski

Allot of culture can’t accepted the people looks or bodies sized. They get cristized out of nothing which it can’t help ladies.

21 10 2014
Art Pagsanghan

One doesn’t have to exude sexiness to be attractive. Real beauty lasts. It exudes from the inside and out. Mother Theresa is beautiful because of her soul. She’s a magnet.

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