The Church is the best friend of homosexuals: The Third Way

13 10 2014

Please watch this video, it is worth 30 minutes of your time

The Church is the best friend of homosexuals. In this new documentary by blackstone films we see why 



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14 10 2014
Jessie James

YES, the Church love homosexual transgender lesbian gays all others including straights, SDA inc Muslim Prots Hindus Buddhist ,,,
Sin is an act,,,

14 10 2014
Illyana Joannes Paulus Morales

I love this video sadly people still don’t understand
I went to a discussion once to see this video and then the talk after was about how we can change them…
My brother and I were very upset but we loved the video and hope more people can see it and truly understand what its saying

14 10 2014

That is true Illyana Joannes Paulus Morales, many people fail to show
compassion for those who experience same sex attraction, they fail to
see the anguish and thus fail to help them. What this video shows is
the history of sadness and cruel indifference that led this people
toward the gay lifestyle and that we have to welcome and help them
with love not stigma. The true teaching of the Catholic Church is that
we all must love and treat homosexuals with dignity without
compromising with the error of their ways.

14 10 2014
Shannon Fricker

The guys who made this are friends of mine. 🙂

14 10 2014

Yes, Shannon Fricker, they are good guys and they help us understand what love of neighbor truly is.

14 10 2014
Shannon Fricker

I’ll pass along your kind words! The get a lot of crap for having made this.

14 10 2014
Laura Martinez

This is beautiful ♥ Thank you

14 10 2014

You are welcome Laura Martinez, that is the true teaching of the
Church on homosexuality. We should share with fellow Catholics

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