Days of Rainbow: Pictures of Beatification of Bishop Alvaro Del Portillo: Spain 27th September 2014

5 10 2014

Bishop Alvaro

27th of September morning in Barajas Spain, the dawn of Beatification. Thousands traveled to Spain to witness the beatification and to pray before the remains of the new blessed of the Catholic Church.  We bring you the story of their journey in pictures and vidoes

Day of Beatification a_Page_1

Picture 1 Participants from Nigeria getting ready to attend the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo, Bishop and Prelate of Opus Dei

 Day of Beatification a_Page_2

Picture 3 Happy expectant faces going for the Beatification of Don Alvaro

Day of Beatification a_Page_4

Picture 4 People queuing to get a bus to Valdebebas for the beatification of Álvaro del Portillo.

Day of Beatification a_Page_5

Picture 5 Faces of people waiting to get on the bus to Valdebebas for the beatification of Álvaro del Portillo.

Day of Beatification b_Page_1

Picture 6 Crowd of early arrivals at Valdebebas for the beatification of Álvaro del Portillo.

Day of Beatification b_Page_3

Picture 7 People taking pictures while waiting for the Mass of Beatification

Day of Beatification b_Page_2

Picture 8 Faces of participants at Valdebebas for the beatification of Álvaro del Portillo.

Day of Beatification c_Page_1

Picture 9

Day of Beatification c_Page_3

Picture 10 People came from the four continents to Valdebebas for the beatification of Álvaro del Portillo.

Day of Beatification c_Page_4

Picture 11

Day of Beatification d_Page_1

Picture 12

Day of Beatification d_Page_3

Picture 13


Picture 13 a

Day of Beatification d_Page_5

Picture 14 Screens at the background showing scenes in the life of the soon to be beatified Alvaro

Frontline 1_Page_1

Picture 14a Over 300 Bishops from dioceses in different continents came for the Beatification of Alvaro

Frontline 1_Page_2

Picture 14b

Frontline 1_Page_3

Picture 14c

Frontline 1_Page_4

Picture 14d

The prelate

The present prelate of Opus Dei, Bishop Javier Eechevarria arrives and the Mass of the beatification begins.

Day of Beatification d_Page_2

Picture 15 Faces of pilgrims at the beatification

Day of Beatification d_Page_4

Picture 16 Over 250, 000 people attended the Beatification ceremony

Day of Beatification e_Page_1

Picture 17 Participants attending the Mass of Beatification


Picture 17a

Day of Beatification e_Page_2

Picture 18

Day of Beatification e_Page_3

Picture 20 People going home after the Mass off the Beatification

Day of Beatification e_Page_4

Picture 21 Hundreds of thousands going home happily having attended the beatification Day of Beatification e_Page_5

Picture 22 Faces of those overjoyed at witnessing the making of a saint

Day of Beatification e_Page_6

Picture 23 Happy participants at the events

Day of Beatification e_Page_7

Picture 24

Day of Beatification f_Page_1

Picture 24 a

Day of Beatification f_Page_2

Picture 24 b Rainbow colors at the beatification

Day of Beatification f_Page_3

Picture 24 c

Day of Beatification f_Page_4

Picture 24 d

Day 2 Mass of Thanks 1_Page_1

Picture 25 Pilgrim setting off for the thanks giving Mass in valdebebas beatification of Alvaro

Day 2 Mass of Thanks 1_Page_2

Picture 26 Long walk to valdebebas for the thanks giving Mass after the beatification of Blessed Alvaro

Day 2 Mass of Thanks 1_Page_3

Picture 27 People asking for direction to Valdebebas

Day 2 Mass of Thanks 1_Page_5

Picture 28 Long walk to Valdebebas for the thank giving Mass


Picture 29 People taking pictures while waiting for the thanksgiving Mass to begin


Picture 30 Pictures to remember


Picture 31 a


Picture 31


Picture 32 Pictures taken during the Mass of thanksgiving


Picture 32a

Day2 Mass of Thanks 4_Page_1

Picture 33 Pictures to remember

Day2 Mass of Thanks 4_Page_2

Picture 34 Background screen shows the Prelate of Opus Dei entering the square to a loud ovation and the thanks giving Mass begins

Day2 Mass of Thanks 4_Page_3

Picture 35 People praying during Mass of thanksgiving to God for the beatification of Don Alvaro

Day2 Mass of Thanks 4_Page_5

Picture 36 People in silent prayer of thanksgiving

Day2 Mass of Thanks 4_Page_4

Picture 36a

Day2 Mass of Thanks 4_Page_6

Picture 37

Below are the pictures of People at the Mass in Rome at the Basilica of St John Lateran celebrated in honor of the new blessed Alvaro del Portillo on 30th September 2014

Rome Mass at St John1_Page_1

Picture 38 Pictures taking in front of the basilica of St John Lateran

Rome Mass at St John1_Page_2

Picture 39

Rome Mass at St John1_Page_3

Picture 40

Rome Mass at St John1_Page_4

Picture 41


Picture 41a

Rome Mass at St John1_Page_5

Picture 42

Rome Mass at St John2_Page_1

Picture 43

Rome Mass at St John2_Page_2

Picture 44

Rome Mass at St John2_Page_3

Picture 45

Rome Mass at St John2_Page_4

Picture 46

Rome Mass at St John2_Page_5

Picture 47

Rome Mass at St John3_Page_1

Picture 48

Rome Mass at St John3_Page_2

Picture 49

Rome Mass at St John3_Page_3

Picture 50

Rome Mass at St John3_Page_4

Picture 51

On Ist October 2014, the Holy Father, Pope Francis invited all the participants at the beatification ceremony to St. Peters square for a special audience. Below are pictures of that great event.

Papal Audience 1st Oct_Page_1

Picture 52 Bus load of Nigerian contingent heading to St.Peter’s Square for an audience with Pope Francis


Behold the Pope

Papal Audience 1st Oct_Page_2

Picture 53 Behold the Pope!

Papal Audience 1st Oct_Page_3

Picture 54

Papal Audience 1st Oct_Page_4

Picture 55

Papal Audience 1st Oct_Page_5

Picture 56

Papal Audience 1st Oct_Page_6

Picture 57

Papal Audience 2_Page_1

Picture 58

Papal Audience 2_Page_2

Picture 59

Papal Audience 2_Page_3

Picture 60

Papal Audience 2_Page_4

Picture 61

Papal Audience 2_Page_5

Picture 62

Papal Audience 2_Page_6

Picture 63

Papal audience 3

Picture 64

A look Inside St Peter’s Basilica !

Images of beatification 2_Page_1

Picture 64

Images of beatification 2_Page_2

Picture 66

Images of beatification 2_Page_3

Picture 67

Images of beatification 2_Page_4

Picture 68

Random Shots of Viva Roma!

random 1

Picture 69


Picture 70


Picture 71

Rotimi Adeoti_Page_1

 Rotimi Adeoti_Page_2

 YINKA NNAEDOZIE WAS THERE!Nnadozie_Page_1Nnadozie_Page_2




6 responses

23 10 2014

Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures at the beatification ceremony.
It was a great job carried out.
For those of us who missed out.
We pray our lord keeps us alive to attend the canonization ceremony in Rome.

23 10 2014

Thank you Charles, it is always a joy to know that we have helped you participate in this event, no matter how small. Yes, we pray that Alvaro will be Canonized in no distant time.

12 10 2014

Thanks for sharing these pictures especially for those who missed it.

12 10 2014

You are welcome Amakaanozie, that you enjoy it makes the effort worthwhile. Thanks again.

10 10 2014

That is great Larry, I have set Alvaro as my role model for fidelity

10 10 2014
Larry Wolfe

We have a mass on Saturday at 10:30am here in Amsterdam for thanksgiving to the beautification

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