“I Am In Love With 3 Men,” Drunk Woman Tell Fulton Sheen

10 09 2014


The following story was told by Bishop Fulton Sheen:


“I opened the church door one cold January morning, heavy London fog, and a limp figure fell in, a young woman.

I said, “How did you happen to be here?”

“Where am I, Father?”

“Oh, Father?”

“Yes,” she said, “I used to be a Catholic but not anymore.

“You were drunk.”

“Yes,” she said, “I was drunk.”

“But,” I said, “men drink because they like the stuff, women drink because they don’t like something else. What were you running away from?”

“Three men,” she said. “I was in love with each of them, they were beginning to find it out, and so I got drunk”

“What is your name?”

And pointing to a billboard apposite of the church on the walls of the Cross and Blackwell Jam office, I said, “Is that your picture over there?”

“Yes, I’m the leading lady in that musical comedy.”

I made a cup of coffee for her because she was frozen from the night exposure. She said, “Thanks.”

“No, come back this afternoon and thank me,” I asked.

She said, “I will on one condition. That you do not ask me to go to Confession.”

“Very well,” I said. “I shall not to ask you to do to Confession.”

“I want you to promise me faithfully that you will not ask me to go to Confession,” she said.

“I promise you faithfully that I will not ask you t o go to Confession,” I said.

She came back that afternoon before the matinee and I said, “We have two paintings in this church that are very notable. Would you like to see them?”

As I took her down the side aisle of the church, I pushed her into a confessional. I always keep my promises.

Two years later, I gave her veil as a nun in the Convent of Adoration, where she is to this very hour.

Therefore, that cold January morning, another choice had to be made and it was a choice for good. And, this is a choice that each and every one of us is making.
Bishop Fulton Sheen

*God has given us free choice such that our choices make us fit for heaven or hell




8 responses

22 12 2020

My friend, can you link me the video in which Venerable Fulton Sheen tells this story? I would appreciate it very much.

12 09 2014
King Albert O. Lumawag

Hes bee given the Title Servant of God, hopefully this will lead to sainthood.

12 09 2014
Maria Rodriguez

oh yeah sometimes its true some of us have to be pushed in there. its sorta scary at first to let go of sin. but oh what a beautiful beginning you start when you get out. like a brand new child.

12 09 2014

Some say that confession is a sacrament of “Joy” and this is true.
Many people go to psychotherapist, analyst, shrinks and consultants
who can only tell them nice things to make them feel good, yet they
fear going to God in confession who can absolve, heal and give them
heavenly graces to overcome their ills. Yes, when we go to
confession, God is the one who we meet in the confessional ( the
priest is just an instrument). When I confess my sins sincerely I
leave the confession very joyful, that is my experience and I know
many people feel the same way.

12 09 2014
Gina Nuguid Lim

This is a great anecdote of Bishop Sheen, hopefully he will be a saint someday

12 09 2014

Thanks for that comment, Gina Nuguid Lim, yes, Bishop Sheen has done
great works for the church and has brought many people to heaven with
his tirelessly beautiful sermons on radio and television. I believe he
is a saint, and it is only a matter of time before the Church
officially raise him at the alters. I have been greatly enriched by
his sermons and I know millions have.

12 09 2014
Jereza Nepomuceno Guintu

The choice is always ours.

12 09 2014

That is correct Jereza Nepomuceno Guintu, the choice to live well is
ours if we want. Through our free choice we make ourselves into saints
or sinners.

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