“I have seven children from two different men,” Woman tells Pope Francis:

7 09 2014

Pope Francis tells the story of how he met a woman with seven children from two different men. Here is the story in Pope Francis’ own words:


” I met her last year at the Feast of San Cayetano. She’d said: Father, I’m in mortal sin, I have seven children and I’ve never had them baptized. It had happened because she had no money to bring the godparents from a distance, or to pay for the party, because she always had to work.

I suggested we meet, to talk about it. We spoke on the phone, she came to see me, told me that she could never find all the godparents and get them together … In the end I said: let’s do everything with only two godparents, representing the others.

They all came here and after a little catechesis I baptized them in the chapel of the archbishopric.

After the ceremony we had a little refreshment. A coca cola and sandwiches.

She told me: “Father, I can’t believe it, you make me feel important.”

I replied: “But lady, where do I come in?  It’s Jesus who makes you important.”….Pope Francis

Read more of the interview. 



11 responses

9 09 2014
Poet of the Ligh

So much our American Bishops need to learn or must have forgotten about foundational Catholicism.

8 09 2014
Patty Silva

^Are there people who think that’s a bad thing??

8 09 2014
Sofia Torrez

Side note though: Pope Francis was very strictly against priests in Argentina who wouldn’t baptize children from single mothers.

8 09 2014
Emily Katherine Rolla

I mean yeah. Scandalous in the sense that I could see people using that to say “pope approves of baby mamas” you know? It could easily be sensationalized out of context.

8 09 2014
Meg Cecilia-Thérèse Revell

Not really scandalous though. I mean, widowed status aside, isn’t only two different fathers pretty much slacking by modern standards?

8 09 2014
Emily Katherine Rolla

I like how scandalous the headline sounds. If you read the interview she is a widow.

8 09 2014
Jillian Wheeler


8 09 2014
Miyoko Goto

poligamy was the only solution when the land was harsh to keep the bird-like male-female parenting of the kids. I think Indonesia area had female dominant poligamy long time ago. It was like the brothers shared same girl as a bride.

8 09 2014
Mary Whitney

This made be cry for joy. I love our Papa.

8 09 2014
Sam Tamayo

I like this story. See what humility can do?

8 09 2014

Is that Sheldons mother assisting?

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