Today is The Last Day Of Your Life

30 07 2014

last day of your life
You have surely heard the nice saying that it has been around for a few years: “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.”
But now I’d like to coin a companion saying: “Today is the last day of your past.”
Those two messages don’t mean the same thing. The first advises us to get our life going the way we want it to go. The second means: get rid of old failures, taboos, inhibitions that have kept us from being what we can be.
As we grow, ‘we pick up warnings like: “That’s a no-no.” “Don’t you dare do that!” “Know your place.” We learn what people around us consider to be “customary” or “proper” or “a shame.” We also hear why something is “impossible” to do.
If we are brainwashed by all this and go out as an adult into a very competitive world, we are shorn of our initiatives. We are handcuffed by all these warnings which we have dragged up from history.
What we need are the unlimited vision and the natural imagination which we had as children.
Let today be the last day of your past….



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31 07 2014
Lora Wise

Let us act within God’s will.

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