Why I didn’t save drowning boy

24 06 2014
hand drown in the water looking for help

A drowning ten-year-old boy was shouting and struggling in the water. His seventy-year-old granny stood on the side of the quarry in agony, fright and grief. A tall young man walked up beside her and saw the young boy struggle for his life but made no attempt to help him, even though the old lady begged him again and again to do something for him. After some time, the boy began to get tired, the struggling lessened, and he was getting much weaker. Then the man jumped into the water and brought the boy to safety. ‘Why did you not save him sooner?’ asked the now very grateful granny. ‘I was losing hope. ‘Lady,’ said the young man, I could not save him as long as he was struggling. He would have dragged both of us to the bottom. When he stopped struggling it was easy to save him.’
That is God’s message to all of us in the gospels. We spend so much time rushing, racing, and trying to solve all our problems, while the Lord asks us to stop struggling and to trust in him.



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25 06 2014
Lynn Poe

great story

25 06 2014
Allana Leya

Nice story, but if i see my kid drowning, i jump in to save her without a second thought, suppose she stops struggling, sinks underwater and get swept away instantly by a current and lost forever?

You don’t wait until someone has given up, their spirit broken, their hope gone and struggling to the point of death to help them. You act now. You see someone in trouble, help them… ask them what’s wrong. I’ve seen too many young people commit suicide because adults think they’re just going through a phase and they waiting til they snap out of it to sit down with them and discuss things.

25 06 2014
Juan A Tristan

WOW! Thanks

25 06 2014

like God will be taken down by your struggling. that’s just silly

25 06 2014

Tinette, thanks for your comment. But the story is analogy . For instance when we say a woman is as pretty as a rose flower, we are not implying that she is a plant. So what this story is saying is simply that when we are too busy worrying, we my forget to pray and trust God.

24 06 2014
Zeeyayra Thobela

no strugglng ..i trust my God

24 06 2014

Glad you liked it +Monika Zwiefelhofer, thank you. Always a pleasure to hear from you

24 06 2014
Monika Zwiefelhofer

And it’s always a pleasure to read your valuable posts +Chinwuba Iyizoba 🙂

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