The 9yr Old Girl Who Trusted God: A Story That Will Touch Your Heart

20 06 2014

Little girls with umbrella

The fields were parched and brown from lack of rain, and the crops lay wilting from thirst. People were anxious and irritable as they searched the sky for any sign of relief. Days turned into arid weeks. No rain came.
The ministers of the local churches called for an hour of prayer in the town square the following Saturday. They requested that everyone bring an object of faith for inspiration.
At high noon on the appointed Saturday the townspeople turned out en masse, filling the square with anxious faces and hopeful hearts. The ministers were touched to see the variety of objects clutched in prayerful hands – holy books, crosses, rosaries.
When the hour ended, as it on magical command, a soft rain began to fall. Cheers swept the crowd as they held their treasured objects high in gratitude and praise. From the middle of the crowd one faith symbol seemed to overshadow all the others: A small nine-year-old child had brought an umbrella.




9 responses

22 06 2014
Lynn Poe

I saw this before & I loved it

22 06 2014
Lora Wise


22 06 2014
Henry Doty

thanks for sharing

22 06 2014
Tina Williams

When the sun is out and blazing, it’s best to have an umbrella. 🙂

22 06 2014
Art Pagsanghan

Lol. How else would you explain it, unless he was standin.

22 06 2014
Mary Beth Remisoski

LOL!,,Art..your humor.

22 06 2014
Art Pagsanghan

The little girl with the umbrella had the expectant faith. A child’s faith, simple yet so true. Same with the guy who got splashed. He had faith he’d get it. Lol

22 06 2014

That was something, Sometimes people are so absent minded it makes you wonder. They do things that really makes no sense. Someone standing near a puddle should not be surprised if he gets splashed

22 06 2014
Mary Beth Remisoski

Chuba, there something might make u laughed…It was raining & there was a huge puddle in the street near the curb.This person was standing near that huge puddle. I speed up & it made a huge tidal waves on the passenger door. This person got pretty darn wet from standing near the huge puddle near the curb. I was thinking why in the world would he be standing near the huge puddle in the 1st place being unthinkable?

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