Protestant Minister Show Video of Pope Francis at A Protestant Felloship

19 05 2014

There are 33,000 distinct churches in the world, five new churches are formed every week in the US alone. If every single church claims to teach the word of God right out of the bible, who is to say which is true? How can we reconcile to become one as Jesus wants us to be. Bishop Palmer speaks about unity and show video of Pope Francis



3 responses

20 05 2014
Julian Lopez

Ecumenism that is.

20 05 2014

Thomas Forward, considering the amount of misinformation propaganda flying around, we have to credit this speaker for getting somethings right. No he is wrong, the Church never taught salvation by works no matter how good. But during that time, there was a lot of poorly formed preachers who for the sake of money did overemphasis the paying of money to obtain indulgence.

20 05 2014
Thomas Forward

Awesome video. But did the speaker get a detail of Catholic history wrong? I may have misheard but I thought he said in Luther’s time the Catholic church taught salvation by works. Did he say that? Did the Church ever teach salvation by works?

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