Making Up by Kindness

3 04 2014

With my inexperience, I changed the flat tire in something under an hour and rolled into the nearest petrol station to see if the old spare was still useable. The attendant whom I had never seen before put a patch on the tube. When I said “How much?” he waved me off. “It’s on the house,” he said.
“It’s very kind of you, but why are you doing this for a stranger I asked curiously.
“Well,” he said, “yesterday I woke up as mean as a beaver with a toothache, I bit everybody who came in sight. This morning I feel fine. So, today I’m making up for yesterday. Favors for the customers, kind words for the help. That’s how I pay off for the bad days.”
Make up your offenses against God with many acts of kindness this lent.




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