Always Tell Your Wife You Love Her : A Story

8 02 2014

A married couple came to a counsellor for advice. No sooner were they seated, than they began speaking at the same time in a duel of criticisms. When they finally stopped for lack of breath, the counsellor suggested that now they tell each other all the good they see in one another. There was total silence.
Then each was given a ballpoint pen and a sheet of paper and told to write down something praiseworthy about the other. Neither of them wrote. They both sat and stared at the paper. After what seemed like a long time, the husband started to write something. At once the wife also began to write – fast and furiously.
Finally the writing stopped. There was silence again. The wife pushed her paper over to the watching counsellor. He pushed it back signalling that she was to give it directly to her husband. She reluctantly shoved the paper half way across the table. He took it and in turn, slid his paper towards his wife.
Each began to read. The counsellor watched… Soon a tear slid down the cheek of the wife. She crumpled the paper in her fist and held it tight. That proved that she treasured the sudden revelation of good things her husband had expressed about her. The whole atmosphere of the room changed. There was no need for anything to be said. Praise had healed a thousand wounds.
The husband and wife left arm in arm.



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12 02 2014

I liked this too! I truly feel this way too. My marriage has suffered many blows and I’m now separated. We’re in counseling and it seems to go well. Outside counseling my husband struggles with letting the past go. He also has internal struggles.

I in turn am not living in the past. I enjoy counseling and what I’m learning. The way to treat him and how to be a better wife the second time around.

What’s the difference in loving someone and being in love? He says that a lot. He loves me to death but not in love and unsure as to how to be in love with me again. He wats to be but unsure how. He has a lot of life going on and doesn’t know what to do. I said let me go. But he says due to his obligation and love for me it is hard.

I’m tired. I’ve been fighting for my marriage because the positive really does outweigh the bad. Today I feel like we’re (mainly him) is still stuck in the past and want to give up. I cry every time I think of doing so.

My decision today is to step back and stand still and not give at all. Before today he could depend on me for anything which may be part of the problem. As they say, if you keep leaving the door open a person will never make a decision.

Any suggestions? Thanks for listening!

13 02 2014

Hi Suger1009, I admire your honesty. I think you are a very strong person. Marriage is path to Holiness. One thing that helps according to experts is to pray for your husband. Ask God to give him the strength to be the kind of man he really wants to be to you, and if you have children, to the children. No man has an easy life, it is often the things we want that we find hardest to do. He is struggling, love him the way he is, but make it easy for him to also accept himself and grow. Here is nice website you could check to see if anything there helps you.

13 02 2014

Thank you!

9 02 2014

I like this. And my heart hopes it is true. It is too easy to let a few negative things completely eclipse the positive ones.

9 02 2014

I agree with you Relysh13, we often only look at the immediate offense and forget all the many good things that may have come from someone. True love holds on to what is good and forgets the bad..or at least tries to forgive the bad

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