Great Moment For Iyizoba & Ugochukwu: Traditional Wine Carrying In Pictures

29 12 2013

Cj's Traditional2_Page_15CJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 2JanCJ's Traditional Wine Carrying3JanCJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 4JanCJ's Traditional Wine Carrying missingJanCJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 6JanCJ's Traditional Wine Carrying6JanCJ's Traditional Wine Carrying7JanCJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 1 Jan_Page_1CJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 1 Jan_Page_2CJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 1 Jan_Page_3CJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 1 Jan_Page_4CJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 1 Jan_Page_5CJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 1 Jan_Page_6CJ's Traditional Wine Carrying 1 Jan_Page_7



8 responses

13 01 2014

super pix Chinwuba…
you should take this up as a business you know..youve got the talent.
wonderful moments well captured.

30 12 2013

Hi Chinwuba
Thanks for sending in the pictures
These are lovely pictures, You guys are having fun in Nigeria

30 12 2013

Thanks Ada, we do the best we can, as the say all work and no play make Jill a dull girl. How about you. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas there yonder?

29 12 2013
Chris Afuba

Nwannaa! Beautiful pics! If I were younger, you would have sparked a jealous situation , but hold your breath, you have chosen the best path! Best of the season! Chris

29 12 2013

You are right Chris, she is a beautiful bride & Cj’s a lucky man

29 12 2013

Thanks, those are nice pictures

29 12 2013

Thanks Amaka, those were electric moments that is going to be remembered for a long time. Happy New year

29 12 2013

Iyizoba and Ugochukwu celebrates: Here are some pictures from the Traditional Wine Carrying @ Umunze. We need your help to fill in the names and captions that has been left out. Using the number on the picture, fill in the names of the people you see. If your picture has been left out, it is unintended, send us the photo and we will include it. Thanks. ZOOM TO MAGNIFY PICTURE

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