The Rock First: Merry Christmas!

24 12 2013

The Rock First: Merry Christmas!

The was an expert in time management giving a lecture. To illustrate a point he took a large jar out form under the table and filled it with rocks.
He then asked the students if the jar was full. To which they relied yes.
He then took out another container of pebbles and filled in all the spaces between the rocks and asked the class if the jar was now filled. After a few moments of hesitation they said yes.
He then took out a container of sand and filled in the gaps between the pebbles and asked the same question.
After that be took out a container of water and filled in the gaps with water.
He then asked the class what was the lesson to be drawn from this experiment.
One student answered: no matter how full your time is, you can always fit in more.
The professor said that real lesson is that if you don’t put the rocks in first, they will never fit in later on.
Put God first and every other thing will fit. Merry Christmas




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