Pope Francis is Kissing A Horribly Disfigured Man

7 11 2013
God Loves You, Jesus Loves You And I love You

Like St Francis Who Kissed A Leper, Pope Francis is Kissing A Horribly Disfigured Man .God Loves You, Jesus Loves You, And Francis Loves You.

Disfigured man embraced by Pope: ‘I felt only love’



18 responses

15 09 2015
Budi Ismanto

a wolf is pretending to be a sheep.

10 11 2013
Gaa Illona Te Eebo

I love this man of God. he is so humble.

10 11 2013
Bryd Munroe

While dats great love 4rm the highest service of God.Pope Francis…..that really takes great love & humility…..Amen.

10 11 2013
Genevo Dcosta

This is practicing what one really preaches…living by example, God Bless our dearest Pope

8 11 2013

To Love the unlovely is true loving

8 11 2013
Ernest Gyan

We love you too. How are you?

8 11 2013
Chinenye Blessing

this is true show of christianity

8 11 2013
Francis Taabia

a hand-pa from Christ.

8 11 2013
Anand Pereira

A must see and must share … plz spread the good word

8 11 2013
Mercy Mungwadzi Mutomba

Yaa lets see the face of jesus

8 11 2013
Spiritus Sanctus

This is a sign of true love from God

8 11 2013
Bheki Ndleleni Dlamini

True luv displayed. Wsh ol men of God can emulate tht. Bangakhetsi for ol ppl are da same b4 God. Respect for da human dignity

8 11 2013
Richard Desouza

After viewing the photo I had tears running, God bless us all.

8 11 2013
Brenda Dhillon

This world needs all the love it can get. Especially the kind Pope Francis & Mother Theresa give so generously.

8 11 2013
Raynah D'souza

praise the lord n heal this man

8 11 2013
Anthony Jerad

Respect, Respect, Respect…………………………Respect for our Pope!!

7 11 2013

No child of God is horribly disfigured…….a better term could be used with post that go viral……Pope France is spirited by God’s Grace and I’m sure He would like such a term used for God’s child. External illness can be termed what about internal disfigure many suffer that can’t be seen. The victim is already traumatized by his illness please don’t depress him further by your uncalled for adjectives.

8 11 2013

Thanks for the observation, but no offence was intended by the title, we were only trying to give accurate description of the physical defects. That much is obvious. Thanks for your concern and your points are well taken.

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