Unrestrained Sex Leads to Misery By KEVIN O’BRIEN

29 10 2013


What I am just beginning to realize is that, when I said, “Why are we so foolish to think that unrestrained sex will not lead to human misery and depravity?” and a Facebook friend replied, “Well, why would it?” – this is the “new norm”. It is beginning to dawn on me. We realize that the elimination of all gun control and laws against homicide would lead to barbarism; but we can’t see that the elimination of moral laws regarding the weapon all guys “conceal and carry” – the penis – and any social norms prohibiting the harm that unrestrained use of said device and its corollary produces – we can’t see that eliminating such things will obviously and inevitably lead to something even lower than barbarism.

Honestly, people can no longer see that unrestrained sexuality is extremely dangerous. It’s not obvious any more.

Recently I’ve been writing about my new favorite show Catfish on MTV. I wrote about one of the young ladies featured on that series, a girl who is enthusiastically enduring an abusive live-in relationship …
At the age of 15 she was in a residential treatment center for self-abusive behavior (which is typically cutting, burning, self-mutilation).
She is probably a victim of sexual abuse … and now she tells the other man in her life – a man who actually does love her – that she’s not good enough for him. She’s staying with the live-in (the jerk) because she doesn’t feel worthy of the good guy.
It is hard to imagine what abuse and neglect can do to a child. I have known some very intelligent and capable and spiritually sensitive people in my day who were unable to enter into any kind of mature loving relationships because their fathers abandoned their families, their mothers tormented them, or a darker secret like molestation or suicide lurked in the shadows.

Here’s the deal and we don’t want to see it. Sex is oriented toward the family. Trivialize one and you trivialize the other.

Culturally speaking, divorce and remarriage pave the way for contraception, and contraception paves the way for pornography.

And pornography is a form of abuse. It abuses those who produce it and it abuses those who consume it – adults and children both. And the effects of this abuse are just beginning to be seen the world over, for we now have a generation formed by pornography – you might almost say raised on porn – from their earliest years.

This is a vast change in human behavior and in the molding of human nature, and we are totally ignorant of it.

I know many young actresses, but most are seriously religious. The few young women I do know who are avowedly secular have the following traits in common. …

Lesbian encounters are considered a necessary rite of passage, whether you are attracted to other women or not.
Violations in the bedroom – physically repulsive and abusive sex acts – are considered normal, even those that are most degrading to women.
Becoming a mother is the worst thing you can do; it will ruin your figure and your career and it will take away your freedom.
Becoming a single mother, however, is sometimes fun because babies are cute (but husbands aren’t) and you can always get state aid to help you raise them.
Pornography is fine and dandy. Even the kind that incites guys to attempt the abusive sex acts described above.
The Orgasm is more important than any emotional intimacy. Sex is about the “O” and nothing else. Nothing else. This is why it can be done alone, with a guy, a girl, an object, or any number of participants. It is an intense physical experience and it entails a kind of power over others. That’s it. Physically it’s fun and it gives a rush of power over others; that’s why you do it. Porn, therefore, is a very accurate depiction of human sexuality. Real-life sex is just like porn; porn is just like real-life sex.
Women are not designed for anything in particular. They are simply men without penises; and the men who have penises are the enemy.
The fathers they have had or known are typically weak or absent – sometimes for several generations in the family.
The mothers they have known typically compensate by becoming over-the-top.
They think “Gay Marriage” is all about fairness – after all, gay male best friends are a blast; they love to go shopping and talk catty about your girlfriends, so why do anything to make them unhappy?
Being sexually promiscuous is OK – but the word “whore” is still used to describe other girls who do this (but never used to describe yourself when you do this). Sexual promiscuity seems to mean sleeping with anonymous strangers or a string of one-night stands or with guys or gals you barely know – and doing this a lot over a short period of time. It does not mean having dozens of partners in succession and dumping each and moving on to the next, as long as each sex partner lasts a month or so. That’s not being promiscuous.
Love is over-rated; comfort is where it’s at. Find somebody you can be comfortable with. Set the bar low, and settle. Shack up, or get close in other ways. But when you become mutually un-usable to one another, move on in a heartbeat and don’t look back. He’ll do it to you; you do it to him.
The meaning of life is use, not love.

In other words, I would venture to say that most secular women under the age of 35 show what used to be symptoms of PTSD – in other words, symptoms of abuse. Their sexuality has been violently altered, through exposure to a culture raised on porn – to a culture that degrades love in favor of use.

A dysnfunctional family raises young women with these symptoms. A dysfunctional culture does the same.

And porn is right in the center – as both a cause and an effect of this way of life.

Are all young secular women like this? Of course not. But it’s the new norm



One response

25 03 2015
Aditya Goenka

The biggest weakness, an inherent weakness, of human mind is that it can be influenced the way some people want. These some people are basically the evils of the humanity-the most powerful global men elites controlling nations, medical science, porn, hollywood and economy. They have created man made world which thrives on money, deception and lust. They just needed to change the one assumption-Why be sexually restraint and committed. They changed it last century and its consequences are what you have already written in this post in almost every major country.

Even the most saddest part is that if you try to go against them, you will most probably be dispatched from this planet soon if they find you dangerous to their empire or , they will discredited you theory by their mainstream media.

But how long can man made laws thrive in this age of darkness? How long we will live in an artificial and debauched world? How long we will continue to witness break-ups, unhappy homes?

In order to make the mother earth happy again we need to eliminate these elites from this planet by exposing their covert agenda-capitalism.

Its really unfortunate that women’s sexuality today is the clear result of man-made objectification and they really take pride in it by exposing their innermost flesh. A divine and self esteem women take pride in her femininity and her brains which has helped human society to progress since time immemorial. Divine feminine is a revolutionary movement rising to come back to acknowledge womenhood and her spirituality based on eastern philosophy (hinduism, buddhism), western philosophy (maya, celtic,) flourished between 10000-4000 years ago and upcoming holistic and spiritual world (free from evil elites) due to change in human consciousness since Dec 21, 2012.

But still I am optimist that the transformation to coming back to divine sexuality, holistic science, spiritual lovemaking, laws of universe, respecting the divine aka god has already begin. It will take some decades.to tell the brainwashed adults where they are wrong and why they need transformation of their thinking. Mr. Vladimir Putin is the most evident example and he is called the real hero of saving mother earth and humanity I am also on the path of enlightening human mind and its really encouraging to see increasing number of websites coming on net exposing the misery, by product of man- made materialistic civilization.

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