How to Hurt a Spouse

7 08 2013

A lady sought advice from a Marriage counselor. ‘I hate my husband. He’s making my life miserable. I want a divorce and I want to make things as tough as possible for him.’ The counselor advised, ‘Begin by showering him with compliments, indulge him in every whim. Then when he realizes how much he needs you and wants you, start your divorce proceedings.
‘Six months later, the counselor met the woman and asked, ‘When are you going to file your divorce papers? “Are you out of your mind?’ replied the woman indignantly, ‘We’re divinely happy




2 responses

7 08 2013

thank God for the good marriage counselor for saving the marriage

7 08 2013

Yes, unintended consequences. This story demonstrates the truth of these word, “Give love and you will get love.” Many couples end up in divorce court because they fail to understand that love is to give to the other without necessarily waiting to receive first before giving. Begin by treating your husband with love and you will find him loving you more, same goes the other way too.

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