Smart Little Boy

5 07 2013

The Smart Little Boy

The elderly barber was giving an equally elderly man a haircut, and he saw a ten-year-old boy walking down the sidewalk towards his shop.
He said “You know, Elmer, today’s kids are a real disgrace. They’re lazy as hell, doing nothing but playing video games, and they’re so ignorant, they don’t know squat! Here, I’ll prove it to you.”
The boy walked into the shop, and the barber held two quarters in one hand and a dollar bill in the other. He asked the boy “Which do you want?” The boy took the two quarters, said “Thanks!,” and left.
The barber said “And they never learn from their mistakes. That’s about the fifth time that kid has taken two quarters over the dollar bill.”
Elmer paid for his haircut and left the barber shop. As he walked back to the car, he saw the boy talking to a couple of his friends. Elmer strolled over and asked “Why do you keep taking the two quarters instead of the dollar?”
And the kid replied “Because the day I take the dollar, the game’s over.”



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