How to Make Your Prayers Effective: A Story of Dirty Dish

10 06 2013

how to make prayers

There was once a young man who had the bad habit of having sex with many girls, watching pornographic movies and going to strip malls and yet he every day said some prayers. One night he had a strange dream. He dreamed that he had gone out to walk in a forest, and that he had lost his way. He wandered about for a long time looking for the path, but in vain. Soon he began to feel the pangs of hunger, and he looked on all sides for something to eat, but found nothing. Suddenly there appeared before him a beautiful Lady surrounded with a heavenly light. This lady went up to him and placed before him the most delicious food that he had ever seen, but on a dish which was exceedingly filthy, and covered with worms. The sight of the dish filled him with disgust, and although he was almost dying of hunger, he could not bring himself to taste the tempting food which was upon the plate.

The lady said to him : ” Take and eat this delicious food I have brought to you.”

” Oh, how willingly would I eat of it ?” he answered, ” because I am so hungry and the food is so tempting, but I cannot eat it out of that loath some dish !”

The lady then said : ” The prayers which you say every day are indeed beautiful in themselves, but your heart is so filthy. How can you expect that God receive with love prayers from a soul that is steeped in the filth of sin?”

Having said these words, she disappeared, and the young man awoke and he immediately understood that God cannot be pleased with his prayers when his soul is so steeped in mire of immorality.



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