Brace for Impact!

28 05 2013

Brace for Impact!

A rich man who survived a plane crash was invited to talk to an audience about that experience. He said, “Just before the plane crashed, I realized what the truly important things in my life were. My wife! I wished I had treated her better. I wanted to apologize for all my meanness, and my son; I wished I could turn back the clock and spend more time with him. My billions meant nothing to me then. Then the pilot said three words I would never forget: Brace for impact!”

It is clear that all our achievements are worth nothing in the grave. We must prepare for the after life. Our true home is not the 80 years “room and board” we spend on earth but rather the eternity that begins once we die. Death is the beginning; the beginning of an eternal life, the beginning of an unending love affair with Love itself, God. God is love, all the love we experience on earth is but a speck in the universe of God’s love. Eyes have not seen nor ears heard what God has prepared for those who love him says the scriptures. But the only way we will love God in heaven is if we loved him on earth. That the catch. Heaven Love is bought with earths toils.

We must begin to love God here in this life. God cannot fulfill something that does not even exist. If there is no beginning of love for God in our hearts here upon earth, then there can be no fruition of love in eternity. That indeed is why God has placed us here upon earth: so that, by loving him, we may lay the necessary foundation for the happiness of heaven.



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